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  1. I'll be back in a different coral or ladbrokes in a few weeks, never go back to the same one!
  2. Went in with £40 and played pots of gold, got down to my last spin and get a load of RR symbols for £230 and in rolls a X4. Carried on playing loads of games and winning jackpots and ended up with £2300 balance. I cashed out 2k and carried on playing. Played lucky lemmings on ultra spins, won 2 jackpots within £50 with the help of the gamble. Ended up walking away with 3.5k all in with a £40 start!
  3. So went into coral today with £500, I played quite a few games but I hit the jackpot on 3 games Pots of gold Beetlejuice Sun kissed I also won a fair whack on roulette and I walked away with £1900 I'm going to do another £400 one maybe this weekend if anyone has any slot ideas 💡
  4. I don't trust the ones that do solely online apart from rockNrola I think the rest are sponsored heavily. Darren and 7 neighbours are my favourites.
  5. Lovely work that mate I was thinking of filming it and uploading it also. Also I do recommend beetlejuice on £1, I've had a fair few jackpots from 20 spins but you have to push the gamble
  6. Some good slots ideas there lads, I will change beetlejuice for drops of gold but would you have it on £2? Stormy do they pay much for you? I've had a go at a couple of them but haven't really got anywhere
  7. Hi I'm planning my next gambling session possibly for early next week possibly, I'm going to have a £500 go at either bookies or arcade. I'm thinking ... Kings honor £100 Snow leopard £100 Beetlejuice £1 stake for £50 Pure gold £1 stake for £50 Raging rhino £100 Superstar turns £100 If anyone could recommend any changes because I usually end up playing the same stuff, thanks a lot!
  8. I swear this slot is printing money at the moment, I went in on Monday put £100 in on £2 play, it has been playing really well, I managed to gamble 15 free spins to 100 spins twice within about 20 spins of each other, I cashed out with just over 1k, went back in today on the same terminal and did it again. Unbelievable luck on there at the minute (obviously it will end) playing this game the middle gamble wins quite a lot of the time then 15 to 100 spins is probably your best gamble aswell.
  9. Anyone know when these are being opened? I can feel a session coming on
  10. I wonder if we will see it come into the bookies slots
  11. Eye of horus Fishing frenzy Centurion (all games) Rainbow riches free spins El torero Any William Hill slot That's my banned list 🤣
  12. I don't have the patience for anything less than £2 stakes. I wish I did. Haven't really played drops of gold much
  13. Mine has always been pots of gold more often than not i tend to do well, also kings honor and spartacus. The worst slot I have ever come across is centurion its so bad 👎
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