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Paddy Power is reducing RTPs - General Discussion - Stop and Step

Paddy Power is reducing RTPs


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Just signed in to PP and got and got met with an announcement that they’re reducing the RTP on numerous games - this goes on for about 4 pages but I’ll share the first 3C57AC29-54D3-4247-954C-B4B5F20B88A1.thumb.png.7f33c3192c3c1e582d271472714a781f.png

A lot of games are being reduced by 2% which is a massive cut. It looks like BTG has avoided the culling, but this could be the beginning of the end for me. They make enough off me already without doing this.

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the new rainbow frenzy and bee swarm is at 94% and it's not worth playing on £1 as it seems almost impossible to win £500, especially when the highest gold pot is £250, I only play demo now, don't miss it at all, it doesn't matter what the RTP is, they usually always play awful for me, with a good win not often doing over 200 spins without a bonus, l don't miss it

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4 hours ago, Robert198812345 said:

Does RTP mean I will win back that amount on average if I put in £100.

Or is it the chances of spinning a win, even if it's 3 of a kind.

It’s what the return will be on average. However the average is calculated over thousands, maybe millions of spins. 

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Darren sorry tagging onto this thread but I went into a FTB shop this week and played and most (all)  £2 game are at 91% RTP - if not all.


J E S U S    C H R I S T 

Darren you should not be promoting playing in any arcade at that rate it's just madness.

No way people going to win compared to a few ears ago.  It's robbery. Leave alone the 20p plays at whet 85% or something. Jesus


Stop playing in arcades..  you are promoting this crazy robbery


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