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What goes up :(


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Today for the first time in a very long time it dawned on me! I’m spending way too much time and money on FOBT’s.

I recently had an amazing run and made a post saying It was time to take a break. That was best part of a month ago. 

Today I ended back up at square 1. £5000 won and lost in a month 😞 

Maybe posting this and saying it out loud will help me stick to my guns and give up for a while! God knows I need to 😕 

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Ouch…. I suppose it could’ve been worse, but it could certainly have been a lot better. Perhaps it’s time to take a break for a bit, if it were me then I’d be tempted to chase my losses and we all know where that leads….

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Thats how casinos and bookies work. Ignore all the old "bet responsible and gamble aware" bollocks they just want to get you hooked. I gamble far more than i should but when i get a big win I cash it out and spend it. I have my 80" tv and the car i drive and my bed and sofa all from wins last year. Now i could have saved for them instead of using the money to gamble but at least im enjoying the winnings. My next win is going to pay for a new Android head unit for my car and the installation. £65 an hour to fit car audio equipment and theyre fully booked until the end of the month.???

Im definitely in the wrong business.

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Chin up mate I know the feeling only takeaway is it was winnings you lost but I know that’s no solace . Just got to call it quits now mate and self exclude like I did . Fobts never end well I’m afraid 

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Ell I bought my Android head unit for the car and decided that rather pay those nimrods £65an hour plus VAT?? I'd have a go at installing it myself. The company estimated 3-4 hours for the installation, it took me just over an hour. 





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It probably does take those nimrods 3-4 hours in fairness as they're not usually particularly qualified to actually fit those units.

A good professional stereo installer (or handy home installer) would take 1 to 2 hours to do that same job.

I haven't fitted stereos for years (about 25 years actually) but I suspect that it's fundamentally the same, except maybe there are more wires coming out of the unit than there used to be. Inputs used to be -: Power, ground/negative, Line in, speaker in.    Outputs were: Remote power, Lineout, 8 speaker wires four positive and four negative, aerial (for electric aerials lol)

I've got a feeling it's moved on since then lol.

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I lost £2100 yesterday 😂

ended a good winning run, fobt 

are addictive, over two grand in five hours, you couldn’t earn it in that time, thanks betfred 

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