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39 minutes ago, Stepfan1 said:

Why are you called mentholDan if your name is Mark? 

surely you should be be mentholmark?

It’s a Marc Bolan reference I believe.

edit - just found it 🙂 


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It was partly from the song title but I also used to smoke, Pall Mall menthol ciggies. 

Also, trying to create a new username say on Twitch for example, you try 10 different ones and each time get the message that it's already taken. So I use weird song titles, like The Lilac hand of Mentholdan. This reminds me of an old joke. 

A guy goes for a try out as a resident pianist in a nightclub. He's playing a song at his interview and the boss says "that's beautiful, ive not heard that one before" the guy says "you wouldn't have I wrote it myself" "what's it called" the boss asks" "it's called I Wanked in the Bathtub" the pianist replies. The boss asks the guy to play another of his own compositions and when the pianist finishes the boss says "wow, that's even better than the first song, what's this one called" and the pianist says "it's called, Does your granny take it up the arse. " So the boss says "look your brilliant mate, the best I've ever heard, you've got the job but just play the songs, for God's sake don't tell the customers the song titles". So the guy is playing on the opening night of the nightclub and he's going down a storm, the customers are cheering and applauding after each of his original songs. After an hour the guy tells the customers that he's going to take, a short break and he'll be back soon. He pops into the gents toilets and, as he emerges a man at a nearby table says to the pianist "hey buddy, do you know your flies are undone and your cocks hanging out?" 

"Know it?" says the pianist, "I wrote it". 

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