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Gambling regulations


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So we’ve just had the auto plays removed from online slots. Fair enough. But they’re allowed in arcades and on FOBTs. And bookies need to give you a 20 minute reality check as to how long you’ve played and how much you’ve put in. But arcades don’t.

Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be no continuity in how these regulations are imposed. Does anyone know if there’s a reason for this or is it just a garbled, off the cuff decision to have different rules depending on where you play?

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The Gambling Commission basically just do things every now and then to make it look like they are active. First you had the stake change in the bookies, so no more £50 games. Fair enough, but all that has happened is companies have done those work-arounds which the Gambling Commission ignore (Premium Play and Fortune Spins), with no odds displayed (Inspired display the odds on the Fortune spins, but SG Gaming don't). At least before you knew what you were paying for, now you don't. 

The time limit warnings make no sense because as you say, bookies have to give warnings whereas arcades don't. 

I do like the session timers and balance stats which online slots now display, so you can see how much a bonus has cost and where you stand with the game. I don't think they should reset on reload, I think it would be good if it kept a continuous tally. 

I also think it's time the £500 jackpot limit was increased, but others might disagree with me there. 


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It's definitely time the £500 limit was increased, £1000 wouldn't be ridiculous, in fact £2000 would be alright as well.

The Gambling Commission are interested in one thing, and one thing only, which is the payment they get from arcades and bookies for a "licence to operate".


There is only two of them who are currently working there, and they only work 2 days a week!!!!!!!



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What makes me laugh is the complete and utter nonsense that arcades use in their planning permission 

Such as...

"Cashino Gaming Ltd venues do not offer Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) like betting shops but instead contain machines that offer low stakes ranging from 10p to a maximum of £2 and bingo being played on tablets."

Yet these days the arcades contain the exact same £500 terminals and games as the bookies including roulette now the stakes have been cut to £2!

Or how 24 hour opening is justified as "shift workers like a gamble", not at all trying to tempt in addicts and keep them there...

Not sure how an increase to the £500 jackpot would work really, I do agree it isn't that exciting to win it any more, maybe say if you got 100 spins on King's Honour and had some left by the time you hit £500 offer the chance to spin a bonus pie for £2 to either award your remaining spins or not, I suspect they could even implement that under current regulations as by charging the £2 it could be considered not as part of 'one game'

Isn't there a myth that if Fortune Favours The Brave gives pots then Gold £500 it can repeat for another £500?  I've never seen it but heard some whispers!

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Auto play being removed on online slots is absolutely pointless and is a complete pain!  You can have live roulette and the live wheel games on pretty much any stake you like on auto play but you can’t stick a slot on it even on a low stake?  Nonsense.  

The UK GC are a bunch of muppets.  They ruined bookies roulette so it’s now virtually impossible to win with that £2 bar/pie gamble rubbish, they ruined the bonus buying, they’ve effectively killed any chance of winning anything decent except for on the rare occasion every slot that’s taken fortunes off dozens of players decides to pay out to Darren for one of his videos!   It’s become the case now that the UK is the gambling nanny state.  

Another game destroyer is the demanding of source of funds from these sites.  It’s none of their business and it’s overly intrusive what they ask for.  I wouldn’t trust any online casino with a large sum of money anymore, they can just lock your account and never pay out.  There’s always a term in their T’s and C’s that covers any reason they want to shut you down so it’s basically, “We can steal your money because we feel like it.”  


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