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Book of Fallen strikes again - Big Wins - Stop and Step

Book of Fallen strikes again


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I started off with a £50 deposit playing the new Irish themed game. I got bonuses at 40p 60p £1 £2 & £3. I was playing Book of Fallen on £2 stake for about 20 or so spins and its a game that pays little and often, such as Goonies. I was going to do two or three spins at £10 but it came in first spin. 

If I'm winning a few Bob I do like to do half a dozen or so high stake spins. As a matter of fact the last time I ever did a £10 spin was on Big Bass Bonanza and that bonus came in on the very first spin, like a machine gun it was, bang bang bang on the first 3 reels?? And then I clocked up and did a £40 spin on Horus when I wasn't paying attention and that paid £660.

I think there's something to be said for playing games that are new to the casino? 

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1 hour ago, StopandStep said:

You're doing really well! And what a range of stakes! 

My normal stakes to start with are from 20p to £1 usually but if I get a win say of £30 I like to up the stake and do 10 x £3 or 6 x £5 or even 3 x £10 spins. A raise often brings in a bonus or if your playing say Goonies for example it can activate the key feature. 

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