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Interested to know others experience with bookies fobt slot - Bookies Slots and Roulette - Stop and Step

Interested to know others experience with bookies fobt slot


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I mostly play, Sun Kissed, Burn Em Up 7's, Black Knight, Magpie Mayhem, always in Corals. Last few months had a pretty good run, four or five profitable sessions (I always stop if I get least £50 ahead) and then a bad loss session (a couple of hundred then I give up). It seems to have always been like this.

Something I am noticing since June is I hardly ever get an early big win from playing a cold fobt (by that I mean not immediately jumping on an fobt after someone has lost). All of those slots mentioned above will pay, but on £2 stakes it takes about £100 to get a bonus. I can hardly think of an occasion when I have received a quick bonus.

A decent win on one slot almost always results in a money grab on that fobt for many spins afterwards, no matter whether I switch to a different slot or not. There seems to be nothing random about it at all. I watched a player win £500 gold pot on Rainbow Riches today and he carried on playing and got virtually nothing for about 100 spins before he cashed out around £300. Earlier I won £220 on Sun Kissed after putting in the obligatory circa £100 and switched to Black Knight, which took £100 off me paying 2x £1 then gave me a couple of low paying features to get me back to my stake balance.

I would be interested to know how other fare in the bookmakers. Especially anybody playing in Betfred, which has some of the crappiest slots which are very hard to walk away with a profit.





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I’ll give you my experience in as brief a statement as I can…

I was punting the day the FOBT landed and since then I will have lost a six figure sum in them. Regardless of affordability that’s horrible and in its own way tragic.

so my experience = horrific….

I won £150 in the arcade yesterday so that makes it ok though 😂😂😂😂😂

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