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The big screen TV saga


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Whenever I have a win I try to buy something from the winnings so I have something to show for it. A while back I had a decent win and decided to purchase a large screen TV. The TV I had at the time was a 55" screen and I knew that TV screens are measured diagonally so logically all I had to do was hold the tape measure from corner to corner of my 55" tv and add on 20 to make sure it would fit comfortably on the wall. The main reason for this is because I always have my tvs boxed in because to be honest I don't like the look of them, I think they can spoil the look of the room. So anyway, I took the measurements and because I'm a builder I firmly believe in the phrase measure twice cut once, so I measured twice, then three times etc, I must have measured it 5 times and was satisfied I had plenty of room to box the TV in. Now for the rub, I'm a builder and take measurements all day every day. So when the TV was delivered the first thing I said to the delivery guys was "you've brought the wrong one" it was huge, well the box was. After checking it was indeed the right one, 75" screen I unpacked it. I'm thinking wtf is going on? Basically my schoolboy error was measuring the old 55 inch screen and instead of adding 20 inches on I was adding 20 centimetres. What a plonker. So I've had to demolish the old wall and move the door just so it fits. Below are the pictures of the new wall housing the TV and because I wanted to hide the TV when not in use the other pic is a canvas I've made that covers it, all I have to do now is paint the canvas when I decide on a theme. The photo shows the door to the right of the TV but it doesn't show that there is only a gap of 2mm between the door and the TV. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„



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