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Martingale strategy

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Many years ago, a guy I used to play pool with was banging on about a great strategy at roulette which guarantees that you win. I didn’t really listen to the system he described and, as a bit of a maths geek, all I retorted was ‘no, that’s impossible. It’s simple maths. There is no strategy to beat the roulette wheel.’ and ‘if it’s so profitable, why do you go to work every day?’ He eventually relented and said ‘we’ll, it doesn’t work every time….’

I believe he was talking about the martingale strategy of doubling your bets if you lose until you hit a winner. YouTube was kind to me the other day and suggested this video - it’s a purely mathematical take on this strategy and its effectiveness. It’s about 20 minutes long, but it does go into detail about how profitable/expensive this is and some of the stats they give are actually pretty shocking….

Definitely worth a watch if you’re into this sort of thing like me 🙂 

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If an awful strategy by people that can't believe that a wheel could give 7 or 8 results odd/red/low in a row or whatever. If there was a strategy that could guarantee a win the game wouldn't be offered!

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The Martingale is a sure way to the poor house.

The theory I sound and yes by doubling your bet every time on an evens chance you will eventually recover any loses and get into profit…

Taking roulette there are two major flaws in the plan…

Firstly, consider starting with a £10 bet and choosing red… 8 blacks hit in a row….

£10, £20, £40, £80, £160, £320, £640, £1280…. The 9th bet will cost £2560… meaning total stakes of £5110!!!!!! Not sure how many folk starting at £10 will have £5k to bet with…

This then brings the second problem… I don’t know many casinos or online even that will allow you to stake £2560 on a single outcome.

Yes it’s 100% guaranteed to work but you need both a shit load of cash and someone prepared to take very large bets to make it happen.

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I don’t know why people need to write paragraphs about this when it’s this simple: you will hit the table limit by doubling up constantly before you get your money back even if you had unlimited money at some stage so don’t bother.  Table limits were designed for a reason. 

I was playing “Penny Roulette” on Betfair starting with 1p a number on 12 numbers (29 to 4 going through 0) and even that gets ridiculous within 10 losing spins.  You just cannot beat the game (any roulette game) with limits in place.  

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It seems you can’t edit posts here so further to my comment above regarding Penny Roulette.

18 spins on Penny Roulette starting from 1p a number 12 numbers and you’re doing over £15K for the next spin and the table limit is £25K but number limit is £200 so you’d have to do splits and all that. Even though not hitting a 12 number section 18 times in a row is highly unlikely it WILL happen eventually and probably a lot sooner than many people think. Even if you did pull it off, good luck when they decide you’ve ‘cheated’ and lock your account!   

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