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UEFA to impose sanctions on FA


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UEFA are to impose sanctions on the FA after events that took place leading up to, and after the England V Italy final. We can only hope they also impose sanctions on the players who were involved in events that took place on the pitch. They could start with Chiellini who made no attempt to play the ball when he yanked Saka's shirt by the collar and dragging him to the ground. A foul is one thing but blatant cheating is another. Let's hope when they do place sanctions on the FA they give a 3 match ban to Chiellini. Yeah right 😁

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5 hours ago, ghost22 said:

would you class sterlings blatant dive in the semi as cheating ? 

Yes I would, and it deserved a yellow card. What's your opinion on the dive, what punishment do you think would have been suitable.? 

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What's happened to England being good losers? We lost fair and square. The fine will probably be peanuts anyway.

For a long time (500+games) I followed a team once managed by Stevie Coppell (one of the few managers to manage 1000+ english league games)  He insisted that his players not berate the referee before, during or after the game and he refused to criticise them after. So there are to ways to look at this;

1) The ref thinks we are suckers for not challenging every decision.

2) The ref thinks - Thank God I've got that team that respects my decisions today and looks favourably on them or penalises the other team for their constant bitching

Two sides to every coin

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