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Stung in the ass


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The wife and I had a little dabble on Dream Vegas about 4 weeks ago and deposited a couple of hundered... We have been playing with that money ever since reaching a peak of just under £2K and a trough of about £86.00.

On Fri we had a balance of just over £1400 and I made the mistake of starting to play Cash Stax it was certinly not in paying mood and we went to bed that night with out pot down to £1,000

On Saturday I had the bright idea of playing swarm as we already had the first 2 stages of the wheel filled in it was a no brainer.... WRONG... playing at 20p it took just over £200 to fill the wheel before we put the stake up to £2 in readyness of the bees flying out of the hive...

the balance is now a big fat ZERO and the bees are still stuck in the hive... Not the greatest weekend and to make matters worse we could not deposit on Sunday due to a site error... I am going to persue the swarm tonight but after that this game is off my future playlist which is exactly what I said 2 weeks ago...   

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Well after having to go to Southampton for a few days on business I was finaly able to make a deposit on Dream Vegas and finish these stupid bees off last night... took another 3 deposts of £200 each before it finally popped and payed a massive £387 in exchange for the £1,500+ it took to build and burst.

I can deffinatly confirm that playing that game was not the best slot decision I have ever made but on a brighter note I have managed to claw a lot of the losses back with decent wins on "Who wants to be a millionaire" and "Donuts". 

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