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Today's bets


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9 minutes ago, cazza6565 said:

why are you still doing lucky 15s when the 3x odds is now 2x for one winner.


Lately I've only been doing lucky 31s for just that reason. Today I was going to do 2 lucky 31s but a couple of my old horses were running and I wanted to do the "mugs" bet as well when I saw all the names. Also, today is mostly just fun bets to pass the time and watch on TV. The only two horses I really fancy today are Dazzling Dan and Vintager.

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6 hours ago, Handbag1980 said:

Not to bad a return for my L15 today on small stakes 👍🏼


Nice one and my kind of prices. 

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47 minutes ago, TheKingInTheNorth said:

God I hate flat racing, the next decent priced winner I get, someone will need to draw me a map to the payout counter. Form is rotten.


well done Handbag, nice little bet that.

Very very difficult at the moment. One winner in a lucky 31 yesterday 12-1 and that was in Ireland. The weather is playing havoc with the going. Bookies are taking the piss with the early prices, never take a price unless its best odds. I've ba jed horses at early prices of, 12 and 14 and they've been going off at 25 and 33, one even went off at 66-1. I've had a hatful of 2nds and one even jumped the last 6 lengths clear hard held and stumbled on the run in firing the jockey in the air. Just keep telling yourself the money is only lent. 😁

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