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All the papers today were saying that England need to tighten their defence after yesterday's debacle. Its all the same old story. The fact is they just aren't very good. Individually they all look great playing for their clubs but that's because they play alongside the best players in the world. South Americans, Spanish, Belgians etc. Sterling causes all sorts of mayhem when he gets inside the box but most of the time it all falls apart at the crucial moment. He was lucky to get a penalty yesterday that clearly wasn't deserved, England got lucky. Its all possession in their own third of the pitch, side to side and back and forth but zero creativity going forward, seemingly too scared to try and go past their opponents. Practically everything goes down the flanks. Countries have worked out how to play England because they heve become so predictable in their style of play. In all my years of watching football I have never seen a team so inept at taking a simple thing as a throw in, you shouldn't lose the ball or put a team mate under pressure from your own throw in.

Then there's the whole world stage setup. 

Fifa need the seeded teams to qualify for the big tournaments, its big money, billions of pounds. Who the hell wants to see teams like San Marino or Tunisia or Berkina Faso in the last 16, they're hardly going to boost the TV ratings or fill the stadiums, of these tournaments. Not just England, all the seeded teams have a massive advantage for just that reason. There, will never be World Cup draws like our own FA Cup where we could see Germany, Spain, France, England and Croatia all drawn together in a qualifying group with only two of them going through, Fifa wouldn't allow that. So England generally qualify by being the best of a bad lot in these "rigged" qualifying groups and get knocked out, and rightfully so in the first stages of the big tournaments. 

Most top premier league managers are foreigners, they don't want their best English players risking getting injured in these non entity qualifying games either, so why is a foreign manager going to do "our" national side a favour and release his star English player and risk losing him for weeks or months. The player will do what he's told because he has a contract the size of a lottery win.  

How come the player that does the damage to England more often than not, as it was last night, plays for Brighton or Southampton or Swansea or West Brom and we've never heard of him before? 

England desperately need an experienced manager with fantastic tactical skills. They need some older more experienced players in the team. What's going on with the goalkeeping situation? if he's fit Pickford should be playing every game. 

The English league and national team setup is not structured to be able to provide a team capable of lifting a major national trophy. 

I've said it myself and heard it, said by others hundreds of times, you don't mind your team losing if they played well and put in a performance and put up a fight. The last time I saw an England team with quality was when Gazza was in the squad, that's how long its been and it will be a hell of a lot longer unless things change, and I don't mean the players, I mean the whole setup.

Any thoughts??? 

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Couldn’t agree more @Mentholdanfootballs changed since the days of Brian clough and Bob paisley it’s a business now not a game 

remember a few years ago that Chelsea keeper refusing to come off for that penalty shootout SHOCKING imagine if Alex Ferguson or cloughy was in charge he’d never play for the club again today’s managers are too soft 

Now I’ve got nothing against Southgate as manager we even made it to the semi finals of the 2018 World Cup but is he really the right man for the job ? Is Southgate tough enough are the players tough enough?

personally I wish we could have 11 Gazza’s on the pitch he wore is heart on is sleeve and to me some players don’t appear to be like that today 

finally here’s the latest odds to win this years euros and guess who’s favourites 😁😁2C8DD123-A939-426F-9934-E79AD6D899A6.thumb.png.023a9efb7c84223e6caa457260a3488b.png

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I'm not saying this because I am Scottish but the media is obsessed with the England team full stop. I watched the documentary other night being Jack Charlton and in those days players played for the shirt and I don't just mean Ireland.  games now are  as Mentholdan says not as appealing unless they are high profile names. 

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