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I get a bit of flak here when I criticise streamers but hey ho, I tell it as I see it. A couple of observations from last week, firstly I was taken aback by Chipmonkz Alvin, giving out their email so viewers can send coupons or vouchers or whatever to pay for coffees for him and his sidekick. I just find it a bit rich when they're doing £20 £40 and even £50 spins last week and then accepting donations for a    £2. 50p Cup of coffee.? Another I watched last week was Hideous slots, I know he's a mate of Darren's but I just can't watch him unless I turn the sound down, a tad OTT for me. Maybe I'm just getting old. He seems very genuine though and he was doing giveaways for his viewers which is no bad thing. 

Back to Chipmonkz, he's been saying that he's considering the idea of pulling up roots and moving to Ireland because of their "more relaxed" gambling/streaming laws. Governments are unpredictable and laws can change in the blink of an eye. Imagine moving, only to find their laws falling in line with the UK? 

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Stopped watching him ages ago. Actually selected the do not recommend the channel so none of his videos ever show us for me. Don't like they guy's attitude or approach one bit

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