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Bonus hunt results


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Well went again and done another bonus hunt and have to say it is probably my last, what a see on YouTube with streamers just doesn’t seem to happen at all in the real world and starting to feel a bit bitter about it all so results are
£350 start 

Wild north 40p- 12p
Golden colts 40p- 0
Fire in the hole- 40p – £8
Millionaire- 60p – 8.88
Diamond mine 40p – £3
Buffalo 40p – 5.64
Final countdown 40p – 11.34

Played loads of slots done over 700 spins on Vikings and have played that every week since Xmas and still no bonus obviously a just burst the balance at the end but not much of a balance to burst and was so disappointed with the whole hunt and this was a big balance for me so a think am done with all the slots, all a see on YouTube is streams of people hitting big or taking a small balance and not really losing but in reality that doesn’t happen av done a few hunts this year and they have never payed with only 1 returning a profit of about £10 so gonna give it up now good luck to everyone

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My advice, "for what it's worth" stick to the same budget but on £1 spins. I occasionally bet small stakes but normally if I only bet £20 or so I'll just stick to £1 or £2 spins, now and again you get a first or second spin bonus. 

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