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  1. A would like to see a slots compilation of tv themed slots like Rick and morty, top cat, thunder cats etc please 👍
  2. A do agree he is unique but no one will answer the actual question and that is, is what he is doing illegal and playing with someone else’s money which is quite clear you can’t do in any way online or in real life, if he is betting with company money ie hideous slots as a business then that needs to be made clear to everyone that that’s what’s going on and not made out it’s raw cash of his own
  3. A do enjoy his streams and find them quite funny, don’t watch many others just Darren and hideous but did wonder about the legality of it as you can’t place any bets at all with someone else’s money either in bookies or online but he clearly states he is half’s with 2jags so just wondered how that was allowed
  4. Ok so a know this will probably get deleted but ma question is this, well hideous slots clearly stated that he a 2jags split the money between them equally on there streams etc but as far as am concerned this is 100% illegal and not allowed at all so how is this possible you would think a streamer would know that any funds gambled must be 100% there own
  5. Well went again and done another bonus hunt and have to say it is probably my last, what a see on YouTube with streamers just doesn’t seem to happen at all in the real world and starting to feel a bit bitter about it all so results are £350 start Wild north 40p- 12p Golden colts 40p- 0 Fire in the hole- 40p – £8 Millionaire- 60p – 8.88 Diamond mine 40p – £3 Buffalo 40p – 5.64 Final countdown 40p – 11.34 Played loads of slots done over 700 spins on Vikings and have played that every week since Xmas and still no bonus obviously a just burst the balance at the end but not
  6. No millionaire got 10 spins but didn’t get any wins was just 10 dead in a row a couldn’t believe it, and the ted bonus was 9 spins and 324 megaways only got 2 wins and no upgrades 🙁
  7. Well went again on Friday night with a bonus hunt managed to get 13 bonuses so had really high hopes for a good result on this one and this is how it panned out Wild rails 40p - £3.84 Danger 40p - £8 Wish upon megaways 40p - £3.40 Buffalo rising 20p - £4.28 Wild north 40p - 0 Cyber slots 30p - £28.92 Gorilla gold 10p - 25 spins £9 (should have gambled all the way but it landed early in the hunt) Horus megaways 40p - £20 Bonus island 40p - £46 Ted megaways 40p - £12 Centurion mega (Cesar) 40p - £2.70 Lil devil 40p - £8.96 Millionaire- 40p - 0 So 13 games and a
  8. Well done another low stake bonus hunt results below £160 start lil devil- heartstopper- 4x (cost 500x to build) bonus island- 20p stake - 50x millionaire mystery box 40p - 5x star clusters 60p- 11x rise of merlin - 60p - 0x so pretty poor result and very disappointed ma worst bonus hunt since a started doing them so think it’s time for a break
  9. What a was meaning is are the rtp personal to the player on line ie lil devil remembers your game progress so is the rtp unique to you as no one is coming along behind you and playing the game etc like happens in the bookies
  10. Hi folks just looking for a little help, av been looking at playing some slots and using OBS to record the game play etc but ma laptop just doesn’t seem to cope and runs very slow and doesn’t load the games when a have the casino open on the net and obs running, the games are super laggy if they run at all a know nothing about laptops and pcs so wondered if anyone could help or suggest a way a can increase the speed or power of the laptop so a can do this or is it a case of buying a new one or getting a desktop pc? thanks
  11. Ok so are the rtp online personal or are they spread over the site your playing on or the game world wide etc compared to in a bookies where anyone can play the same game as you? a assume the online is spread across the whole server for the game and that’s how you get massive wins but sure a have seen people checking there personal rtp on individual games so made me curious
  12. Well on my official ban list now had a go on this last week and ended up losing £500 on buys around £40 each gambles just lose every time or you end up with 8 spins and get peanuts back £5 etc, so decided to have another bash last night and guess what another £320 lose again £40 spins never got above 12 spins on any gamble and highest win was £26 so defo on the ban lost for me now 🙁
  13. Ma Mrs had this same issue with casimba and when she tried to complain about the length of time it was taking they suspended her account and 6 months later after providing every price of info they asked for and sending many documents the account is still suspended have asked for them to update it but they never do you will probably find it will never work again
  14. Hey folks done a bonus hunt last night on low stakes so thought a would post the results and it wasn’t good 🙁 So start balance was 230 and managed to play 20 slots Millionaire mw 60p return £23 Extra chilli no bonus Rick and morty no bonus Chocolates no bonus DND mw no bonus Wish mw no bonus Rick and morty mw no bonus Merlin no bonus Genie mw no bonus Book or dead 40p £10 return Danger no bonus Donuts no bonus Star cluster 40p x7 start 6 spins £10 😢😢😢 Goonies no bonus Reel king mw no bonus Gorilla gold no bonus Primal no bonus Slot vegas 40p 9 spins
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