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COVID 19 vaccine


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Just want a bit of advice from anyone with this unrelated gambling problem

me and the wife and both kids tested positive for Covid 5 weeks ago

the nurse who gave me my annual flu jab last week said she’ll be contacting me in late January for the Covid jab

my heart says have it but the brain doesn’t 

Is it safe 

any advice please 


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I mean personally I'm going to have it. Although it's had the approval fast tracked that's partly because it's had money thrown at it which a lot of vaccines don't.

In my opinion which isn't that of a scientist the testing that has taken place is still infinitly more thorough than most of the other things we shove in out bodies. But with everything I guess there's always risk attached to it, but I don't think there's anymore risk to this jab than my annual flu one.

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