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  1. Congrats! Cant wait to see see slot lady playing centurion in hills in a collaboration and collect my amazon voucher... Maybe in my dreams, ok definitely in my dreams 😅
  2. Well technically our deal, the one Borris backed in the commons 😏. Borris may appear a lovable buffoon, but he's a calculated politician. I wouldn't be surprised if he winds down the clock (for a no deal) which forces labour to call a non confidence/election. Then either forms a pact with the brexit party (or relies on the progressive vote being split) campaigns on "Brorris saviour of Brexit and voice of the people." Wins a decent majority and gets a deal that looks very similar to TMs deal through parliament. Now let me write all that out on my betting slip and nip down to ladbrokes. 😅😅
  3. They are all terrible value! I would take the evens at betfair to leave before 1st Nov, for better value
  4. Not at events, especially looking at the betfair odds. Despite all Johnson's talk he is desperate to get a deal.
  5. £286 for a shot, that's just crazy. It reels you in to keep playing though as to me I always think, "well it cost £286 for one, so surely the next few are just going to drop straight in!" As I said the other day I did £420 in coral in similar circumstances on a super spins on action bank. I dont mind losing, but when it hammers you like that, theres no fun in playing. Onwards and upwards!
  6. Sorry just read this reply! 🙂
  7. No mentholdan is correct, the stake is divided into how many winners there are; heres the rules from skybet. It's a bit crap if you can lose when you have a winner.
  8. Haha, that would be pretty funny or if it was Jeremy Kyle.
  9. Now I've had my fair share of massive losses, but today I think I hit a new low. I was a little bit up and decided to play action bank on the most volatile premium play. After going through £420 it actually gave me the 5 spins once (which still paid zero). That's probably the worst I have ever seen an FOBT play. I loose most the time, and am usually disappointed, but there was no entertainment at all for the £420. I know it's my fault for playing the most volatile version, but that's just disgusting!
  10. Good luck Jim! I dont play online for exactly the same reason.
  11. To be fair knowing fred if the cashiers till is down thet probably take it out his wages!
  12. I hope 365 don't have a £200 stake as syndicates are against their "third party rules." At least according to their court papers to try and not pay that Megan McCann her £1 million. Definitely their bonuses should be looked at, it is a way to lock you in.
  13. it is 0.7% of the population not of gamblers! The gambling commission likes to state that 24 million people gamble in the uk, but that includes the once a year national betters etc. The reality is that regular gamblers are probably a third of that figure, so say 8 million (2.1 million players online). So the problem of people effected is in % terms huge! In my view bookies online and high street have made a killing off vulnerable people for a while. I mean that old girl who was made bankrupt, you could tell from the calls that clearly there was something up and for jack pot joy, just to say; "ah well she was aware of the responsible gambling tools." Is just bollocks. They where ringing her encouraging her to go back to the tables. You're right they did pick two of the extreme stories, but they had the guy from the gambling commission to try to add some balance. You are right about his sentence and I get what you're saying people should be free to bet online, but I think the govt does need to do more to tackle things like bonus baiting (and trapping) punters as well as the constant tv advertising. Even looking at the stakes, who wants to do £200 a spin on a slot (we aren't talking about a bonus buy, or roulette where its understand just a random shit slot), the only person who is going to be doing that is someone who has stolen £3million from somewhere.
  14. Wesley snipes for the red/black gambles (for those that have seen passenger 57)
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