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  1. Everything but the very light green works. I like the font and title banner. Just the green is too light to read for me on a mobile
  2. The new ideas for none online content sounds good, look forward to watching that! Completely off piste where is the theme tune from? My son was watching something on YouTube kids with the same theme music last night. For a minute I thought Darren had created a S&S junior channel 😂
  3. I guess the only thing the new games have done is add another layer to a very volitile gamble. To me it's one thing to put a few hundred thing into a machine thinking you will have 4 goes on mega spins to try and get a bonus, rather than plunder that £200 without even a game.
  4. After watching today's video which do you think is more dangerous? The new £2 version of premium play or the original £10+ mega spins? Personally i used to love the mega spins, at Ladbrokes reels of gold was probably my favourite followed by black Knight then Centurion and Worms (at Hills). I don't play the new £2 version too much (mainly because I don't like the games). Whenever I have played them though I've found myself having very poor sessions and getting carried away quickly. Mainly as you can plump £100+£200 trying to get an (old) £50 game, which ends up paying nothing so then I'm
  5. Well done, I've never seen 5 wells, I had thought 5 bonus symbols on RR was always jackpot. Still a very tasty 300 to start the new year!
  6. I'm sure I've heard that guy before in the background of the older bookies videos. I've been pestered many times playing at bookies (another positive about arcades). But there are a lot of people out there who are desperate and lonely or both. Personally for the cost of a £2 sandwich for the amount I've shoved in the machine over the years is nothing. On a different note when I used to work in a bookies, one of the "regulars" used to know where the ball landed in roulette (from the moment someone pressed spin). Unfortunately he started to stand behind people and say, "number 8" as soon as
  7. Good luck if you do. I set my timer on the phone, too to make sure I knew when I had to collect. They are only allowed 2 machines on, but nobody was sad enough to be in there (except from me). Just watched todays video and kudos for being so polite and helping that fella out, I've heard him a few times in your old coral videos.
  8. How you doing Darren, are you still T2? My area has just moved from 3-4, so all bookies etc must close. I had only been in the bookies a handful of times since we became tier 3 back at the end of October, I feel sorry for the staff having to kick people out after 15 minutes. The only game I've really played is "7s to burn multiplayer" on £2 stake, which is one of the few games you can burn through 300 quid and still have 5 minutes left of your 15 allowance. Here's to a more cheerful 2021!
  9. Excellent win, they're some scary stakes there though. Get it withdrawn and buy something awesome! Otherwise slowly but surely it will trickle back to them.
  10. Before I settle down to tonights video, waiting for the kids fall asleep and before i have a mince pie, carrot and whiskey, I wanted to say Merry Christmas and here's to a better 2022! Cheers John
  11. Haha, I used to hear that so many times when the fobts first came out, as you spend a good bit of time staring at a computer screen to "capture" the normal bets that customers place. The amount of customers who thought we were watching them play the fobts and deciding the results was amazing.
  12. Do they still send out a generic letter to everyone on their database who doesn't have a licence. If they ever show up you can't you just tell them it's for Netflix/prime content and get the goons to jog on? My only visit was almost 15 years ago when I was at uni we just showed them the PlayStation (and lack of ariel) and they left. I imagine they probably do more strong arming now? Sorry to those of you stuck in tier four at Christmas, we've been in some stage of lockdown or Tier 3 for 5 months and the lack of small trips to a cafe/arcade/pub are tough, but nothing compared to not
  13. I just watched the centurion video, what is everyone's thoughts? To me it looks like bad programming and a lot of lag adding the smaller wins to the balance. It basically doesn't charge for a spin, then charges for 2 at once. first clip for example balance is at £119 with a £2 win. So it should add the £2 straight on then deduct it, but it doesn't. Darren spins again and the balance goes up to £121 (adding on previous win, but not deducing the stake of the spin). then on the next spin deducts £4. Really poor programming, a shame because one of my favourite slots
  14. Has anyone been in to see the new regs yet? I asked Ladbrokes if they had the same rules/restrictions in their shops in tier 3 areas. Unfortunately it seems they didn't understand the question. Or don't have blanket restrictions. "In order for us to fully investigate this matter for you we need some additional information. If you can provide us with the address of the shop in question, we may be able to assist you with your query" Anyway I'm hoping in just under 2 weeks and my local arcade will be opening again.
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