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  1. A mixed bag suggestion; Rally 4 riches Mighty black Knight Centurion (mega ways) Lord of the Ocean Beatle juice Immortal romance Deal or no deal golden box Eye of Horus Goonies Danger high voltage Good luck
  2. To be honest, I don't know enough about us politics nor the polls to say otherwise, only from what I read implied he would need to secure those "battleground" states to win the Whitehouse. Which would mean 13/5 "trumping" (sorry) the 15/8 you'd get on him outright. Though if that was the case everyone could take the 13/5 and lay him outright for a tidy profit, which doesn't really make sense. Anyway, I hope he doesn't win
  3. I was just reading about this on odds checked, as much as I don't want trump to win, I still think he probably can and may do so. Interesting article on Betfair suggesting a good punt is Back Trump to win 5 key states; Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Texas and Ohio @ 13/5. Which apparently he really needs to win (though I don't understand the electoral college system).😕
  4. The human brain is programmed to try and find patterns when they don't necessarily exist. I think the fobts definitely use this to their advantage which I guess is why some losing spins appear as nearly a big win, or nearly a bonus. It encourages you to keep playing and keep pumping money through, as it's taking on average 8p from every pound.
  5. Thanks guys, yes for once the slots seemed in amazing form! Thankfully the machines pay out quickly in tickets rather than coins/notes!
  6. As my area is in lockdown from Friday, I thought I'd nip into the local arcade for a last go. Was about £200 in in total best result I can remember, even el Torero paid!
  7. I used to love rolling reels, I don't play the £2 power spins, but prior to the limit, it was one of my favourites!
  8. They used to regularly ring me my office before lockdown, claiming to be from BT openreach and telling you to download some dodgy software. I used to pretend to be an old lady going from one room to the other to install the software to keep them on the phone for as long as possible. Another good one would be asking them how to spell IP address, is it "eye pea?"
  9. You'd expect the court to look at some key points; When did they realise there was a fault with the game and how did they respond? Did they contact Playtec? Did they contact all other players that were impacted? What is the normal procedure for "software glitches"? I think the guy has made a good choice, he's exposed that Betfred (and probably a lot of other online casinos) don't really keep a full log of glitches and when they do happen they will only inform you if it benefits themselves. Imagine if he had been playing for an hour and the jackpot cards were being removed from the d
  10. I'd agree with blind haze, I don't bet online due to my character, it's too easy to get carried away. Also I'm not a fan of waiting for payout and handing over all my personal data to go through countless verification processes. Also they look better on a cabinet than they do on my phone. I much prefer arcades to bookies, which I assume are in the same boat in Merseyside. Arcades seem to be much cleaner without a smack head watching over your shoulder, plus you get a free coffee 🙂
  11. All Bookies will close in Liverpool city zone from Wednesday, I'm pretty sure they can step up the risk of a zone at anytime, so unless cases come down the rest of the north west will be closely following.
  12. Yes there's a lot in central Manchester that have closed to never see the light of day again. Many had gone with the stake cut and then a good few more since the national lockdown. I feel for the arcades, who have invested a fair few quid on the screens, checks and social distancing measures. In fact the social distance measures there are a lot better than most other places I've visited.
  13. I live in the North West and have just read that with the new three tier system being introduced this week, those area on the most serve "alert" will have betting shops, casinos and I assume arcades closed. Do you think this is the end for even more high Street betting shops (a lot here haven't reopened since the first lockdown) and will hard hit arcades recover? Also Darren, do you have enough content just in case?
  14. A "community" bonus hunt, 2 online casinos head to head. Pick around 8 slots and play until they bonus, then play the bonuses against each other site Vs site
  15. Unlike other channels the videos are only around 50% online and even those aren't as affiliate pushed as a lot of the other content providers. If I'm honest, I'm not going to subscribe via the affiliate links, and probably most people who watch the videos won't. So if he or any content provider makes a tiny profit from showing an advert why makes a fuss. If it bothers anyone so much, just install an ad blocker!
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