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  1. I used to love the bandits videos, they were so genuine. He used to play on £2 stake and most of the time finish down, but sometimes got a decent win, I always found myself rooting for him. Then something changed, basically 90%+ of his videos ended in a win and I began to feel that it wasnt 100% genuine, either editing out bits or not being 100% genuine. Ive not watched him for a while, but the last time I watched I think he was £40,000-£50,000 and still walked away in profit. He used to talk regularly about the issues he's had in the past with gambling, so to become an affiliate and have £40k to spaff on reel king and promote a positive result most of the time, doesnt in my mind promote responsible. That's not to say he isnt entertaining.
  2. If that's the case with double zero, then you're definitely right, there's no point in playing them, he's putting himself at even more of a disadvantage. If it's the same guy I'm thinking of there's an old article in the Birmingham mail about him previously declaring himself bankrupt because of the FOBTs. So it's sad if he's still playing them to such an extent.
  3. Is that timmy? I used to enjoy his videos, i didn't know he was back on YouTube. but I think like many of us, he struggles to walk away. I maybe wrong but I think there is only double zero in some of the bookies. I dont really play roulette anymore (maybe the odd £2 when I'm trying to round up. my balance).
  4. I wonder how many they can go. I plummeted over £200 into the eggspendables for one spin earlier in the year, bit painful.😐
  5. I enjoy them. It gives the channel variety. Theres like 1000 streamers or youtubers that do solid online stuff and in all honestly it can get boring and repetitive seeing the same slot played over and over. The bookies slots show a bit of variety. He's had terrible look online too recently. That being said, I prefer the arcade videos, as they generally have a better RTP and more variety of slots.
  6. Yes, it was a naff result for sure. Looking at the gamble on high and mighty it valued the free spins around £5 each, so 75 would return around £350, but £200 is just a stinker. I nipped back to the bookies over the weekend, made a little profit on a couple of games and then attempted to get a bonus on thai princess. £400 through it, I got the thai treasures three times paying a max of 2x. It was just brutal.
  7. So I thought I would give it a whirl today. I went into paddypower which seems the same as the others with screens around the terminals. Percentages were around 91% at £2 for the games I played. I didnt get much action so I left being a £100 down. Personally i think I may wait for arcades to open as despite the social distancing, I still ended up with some guy stood behind me watching.
  8. Thanks for showing us, glad you can still use cash too!
  9. Big question is, did you manage to get any footage Darren? It would be interesting to see a new world bookies video, can you still pay via cash. It's a shame the arcades arent open as I'd probably be tempted to pay them a visit, although I spent the entirety of last week in hospital, so I'm under strict instructions to rest up this week.
  10. I really enjoyed that, would love to see more rainbow riches especially with the cash crop. Watching reels of gold reminded me when I used to do the £50 big bets in the bookies. Just hoping those balloons landed!
  11. I'm not sure how Darren reviewed it 5 stars in the review section. I was really looking forward to seeing it, but was massively disappointed
  12. I think the other guy from hills was correct as are definitely mostly set to around 90-91% at £2. But there are ones that pay as low as 88-89%, and similarly some that pay 92-94 on £2 stake (real king slotto gambler and walk of wall street are the highest I've found). I'd definitely agree that unless they can reinvent themselves the bookies highstreet days are numbered, the fobt footfall is on the down (people can play the same games for higher rtp elsewhere). I can definitely see them struggling even more post lockdown, with social distancing still in place and cashless transactions encouraged.
  13. Just to be clear, without wanting to cause an arguement there are slots on 88% rtp at £2. Most in hills are 90 or 91% at £2, but there are definitely slots that have as low as 88%. I'd be surprised if people only put a max of £20 in, as my local hills still cleared around £500 per cabinet per day, which is significantly lower, but still a good sum given footfall.
  14. Cheers, I remember an old video from hypalinx showing that you could change it on an old machine, wasnt sure if you still could. As for the bookies I'm assuming the bookies are centrally controlled or something and the exec team decides of any changes. Although I have noticed classic games have generally decreased even further in bookie, I think worms was 92% before the £2 stake and is now 88-90%. I'll look forward to seeing what the arcades are like, I may wait for a video of you fully suited in your haz mask before I risk going in though.
  15. It almost ties up with the start of the "maybe" footie season too. Will you be going in Darren, I imagine distancing will be easier in arcades and instead of the free coffee the staff will wipe down machines constantly. Do you think the RTP may lower due to fewer people, I'm assuming you can amend on individual machines in an arcade?
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