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  1. You reap what you sow, the gambling industry has had it so easy in the past ten-twenty years and they blew their opportunity to self regulate by letting the bookies continue to milk their fobt cash cow at the expense of society. Now the government has been belatedly pushed into action, so they are going to go in heavy handed. In my opinion the industry needs to look in the mirror, this is a problem of entirely their own making. If the entire industry had only took the issue of responsible gambling seriously the government wouldn't have had to step in.
  2. I get what you're staying, some people are only interested in the freebies, not the videos or channel. I guess it builds the channel and the viewer ship, which is only a good thing I can only report that I didnt win, as I couldn't watch live nor do I have a twitch handle.
  3. Leaders of free spins world 😉 I cant watch live. Will you pop it on YouTube afterwards 🙂
  4. Good to hear you're feeling good and enjoying quality time again. It feels good after carrying the hefty weight of gambling on your back for any length of time. Enjoy yourself mate and take care
  5. what gets me the most are after an arcade or fobt video are the comments; the "oh you should play online more". Around 50% of the videos are bricks and mortar and 50% are online, which creates a really good balance and makes the channel stand out from the others. Personally I prefer arcade or fobt videos as I haven't bet online for years, so I can relate to it more. Plus I'm not a fan of a lot of the "megaways" slots. But I still look forward to the online sessions.
  6. Oh I know the one, luckily I prefer luck of the irish... compensated is never good
  7. Do you mean the fobt luck o the irish?? Or the arcade game luck of the Irish, 4x4 reels?
  8. I see you had a bash online on the bonus video, I imagine it was as poor online as it is to me in shops. After being back at the machines for about 2 weeks, (after a little break after a nice win the other month on real king), I had been nicely up, with plenty of bonuses and about 3 wild power spins on centurion all paying nicely. Then came the age old mistake of trying to get the big bonus this game owes me. Anyhow after £350 through on £2 stake it finally lands a bonus, Cleopatra spins with premium symbols, I'm thinking surely money back or even jackpot. It paid £6... "f u fred!" Anyway after switching to Ladbrokes, it was time to give the old faithful black knight community a go; £270 got me 2 sets of lights no win over £10. One last all in go on black knight megaways £2 premium play (what was the old £30 go), £180 gave me two goes, one paid £9 the other sod all! Thankfully even after stupidly being £800 down over a single , I'm still slightly up for the month, and I wont be back in until the new year. Oops I think I went a bit off topic, with my mini life story I'd like to see leaders of free spins world online too Darren.
  9. I've played it a few times on the new £2 mega stake, first time I landed the £500 within £200 quids worth of spins, since then I've had nothing. I occasionally played this at £50 a time on the old mega stake and never landed the bonus or more than £80 in wins.
  10. Well done indeed mate, I had excluded myself in the past and found it a great help. Hopefully it helps you bud. As others have said, when you find your mind is occupied by something else it's a massive help. Take care
  11. Hopefully its better online than in shops, its woeful now. Bonuses are very rare and normally pay 10x max!
  12. It's a majority though, not just most seats. I would expect the tories to won a comfortable majority, but they where much shorter under may and equally ahead the polls, so too short for me to touch it.
  13. Here's hoping. I cant see how there would be an issue, as the accounts department shouldn't check against self exclusion or anything.Fingers crossed. Ps does Corbett, still have pictures of ronnie corbett everywhere??
  14. Got to agree with you, some are terrible at the moment. Leaders of the free spins world appears to return under £20 on the bonus when I've played at £2. I had noticed they had knocked the rtp down to under 90% too!
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