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Bonus hunt again


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Ok so tried to follow Darren as much as a could and here are my results 

wish jackpot - no bonus

bevis and but head - 20p- £11.34

sausage party 20p - £1.20

napoleon - no bonus

fat rabbit no bonus

legacy of gods no bonus

legacy of dead no bonus

sweet success no bonus

mill mystery box bonus £0

and also played primal 20p- £2.32

rick and morty no bonus

star clusters no bonus

rise of merlin no bonus 

who wants millionaire mega bonus £0

rise of merlin no bonus 

pretty poor result again this is my 5th bonus hunt and always start with £150 so far a have only had 1 in profit the rest have total flops just like tonight’s 

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thats probably the long term reality man , if you play slots constantly its a mathematical certainty that you will lose , were you spinning £10 per game ?

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Yeah already know gonna lose but a enjoy playing the games though, was playing between £10-£20 per game was hopeful of a few more bonuses but both millionaire bonuses to have no wins at all especially with 1 being a megaways was pretty s##t lol

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RTP seems so low over recent weeks. I have the feeling that they filling their pockets ATM both online and in the high street. 

i have always felt that new sots pay when fresh out of the box then they turn them off like Goonies and Ted. 

Hate you loosing, reminds me of me losing. Although we are 'immune' and 'blank it out' it's not good and needs to change. 

Need to try something different, perhaps bonus hunt on Thursday or Monday? Only play new games? 


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