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I honestly can't enjoy this content. - General Discussion - Stop and Step

I honestly can't enjoy this content.

Ian Hislop

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Crypto and VPN has too many feelings of fake money. I mean, how can you be forced to use a VPN and then still enter your real legally binding details, including your address just screams no. 

Playing in Krona or euros or dollars has no real feeling to it. 

I see you have done this just after bandit has. Can we expect your content on CasinoGrounds too ?

Losing a real fan here Darren. 

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35 minutes ago, Chris Hammon said:

If you 2 hate what Darren and the bandit are doing why not unsub and watch some other streamers???  Simple!!!

I’m not sure where the hate is here. Disagreement and disapproval, yes, but certainly no vitriol in the posts.

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The vids seem to be all over the place at the moment, which is a shame. Tuesday and Wednesday were arcades, and Thursday and Friday were online. Great, you knew where you stood.

Not any more.

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Nope, not a drop of hate to Darren, Bandit and now Rolla too. But I have no urge to watch what feels like fake play. I'm not saying it is but the urge isn't there. That isn't helped by the strange unanswered question :

How come you need a VPN to bypass a country ban with your IP but not on your address when you sign up ?

That question has no logical answer. (Before someone tries to answer it)

I have a lot of love and respect for Darren. He has provided an idiotic amount of hours content for me to watch almost every day at 4pm. I've watched the lot. I have watched reruns.

But the mojo on this stuff is totally dead. 

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