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Casimba new account very concerned - Online Casinos - Stop and Step

Casimba new account very concerned


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I have joined casimba yesterday and completed a bonus hunt.

I collected eight bonuses and when went to play them they are now asking for further information such as pay slips, P60 and bank statements.

I spent all of last night trying to sort this out.

I have sent all the requested documents and they say they will get back to me.

will the slots I have won the bonuses on still be there when I can get my account back up and running


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I would document the eight slots which have not completed the bonus rounds. There is almost certainly a timeout of some sort; no idea if it is hours/days/weeks. Logic would suggest that when they time out your balance my just update, as always understood bonus rounds are predetermined when they are triggered and the play through is only a representation of the predetermined win amount.

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thry let me deposit no problem played through the deposit and when went back to play what I had collected they locked me out and asked for additional information regarding affordability.

surely that should be done before you play find it very strange.

been trying to get an answer from casimba today with no luck.

all they say is it is will our safer gambling team and they will be in touch

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All these affordability tests should be done when you open an account, not when you've won and want to take out the winnings.  Bet they won't ask for all this if you've lossed all your deposits.

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