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  1. After watching Steps' video of this slot, I must say it is one boring slot, and I've no idea what's going on
  2. After over 8 weeks (my longest)of no fobts, I think I'm "cured". Are you?
  3. I think the £2 for bigger bonus symbol is a joke. If the bonus was programmed to be given in that spin,it would do so regardless of the size of the symbol, so it's a con
  4. Thanks, I found this game plays better on low stakes, better than high stakes. Last time i played this, I was constantly getting the bonus on 50p stake
  5. Hi stop and step, which one of your videos contains the bars and 7s pots feature?
  6. She has potential, future MMA superstar
  7. Will this help us to give up fobts
  8. How can they get away with that? It's worst than the old megaspins.
  9. Well, you got a good feature there, last time I played, £400-£600 for 1 bonus for under £10
  10. Stop and step practically wins on Tues and weds videos in the bookies and arcades every week (well 9 out of 10 times anyway).
  11. Just like me, win lose win lose, usually win under £100, lose under £1k, just like last week, 2k down the drain, on rocky 2
  12. That's how I value things now, how many megaspins does that new iPad costs me
  13. Have you watched buddylove's video on YouTube playing this game?
  14. Had a really "fun" day on the fobt yesterday. Morning about dropping the kids off, decided quite fancy playing the fobt. Was thinking low rolling (yeah right, we all know that's how it starts). Was playing a variety of fobt (Paddy power), started off 20p stake, then decided to increase it to £1 (was really boring the low stake). After 30 mins, was up £20/£30, then slowly started a run (of losses). 1 1/2 hour later, down £200. Then a run of 2 features off that machine with the the 3 bears gave me a profit again of £200 (feature 1 £133, feature 2 £240). From then on I just couldn't lose, most gambles came in (x4,x5), end of the session, £600 up (just bought the wife an apple watch 3 in the morning, so that helped). More to come......
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