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What a morning


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Deposited £50 into PP this morning for a little entertainment on “Wanted” After a few small wins on 40p I upped the stake to £1 and unbelievably got back to back Duel bonuses, I then increased the stake to £2 and got another Duel bonus after four spins. After the bonuses I cashed out £1700.

I then went to the local high street to place my horse bets in Betfred, “you don’t get enhanced odds on line”. After that I nipped into Ladbrokes because they have the game “Lady of Avalon” which Blind Haze introduced me to when we met up earlier this year. Got the bonus on £2 with the Kings as the bonus symbol and it paid the £500 jackpot, happy Days 😀😀😀

and before you say it,  yes I know Steve, Mines a Fosters, if you can find a pub that takes cash 😀

Still trying to get my head around that one.

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While  I was playing the slots in Ladbrokes this morning the cashier was telling all the customers that she couldn’t take any bets as the system was down. I carried on playing and eventually printed out my £500 ticket. When I handed it in she said to me “didn’t you hear me, I said I can’t pay out anyone” . I said no, you said you couldn’t take any bets because the system was down, you said nothing about not being able to pay out. She gave me a “look” walked to the back of the shop and came back with my £500.

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Wow, £2k up! Expensive period this time of year, always good if the bookies can give you some cash to cover the costs 🙂 

If you happen to be in Southend, mine’s a large port as it’s Christmas! 😆

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