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Mugged off in the arcade today! - £100 Jackpot Fruit Machines - Stop and Step

Mugged off in the arcade today!


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I've had quite a productive last 7 days including 230 profit from 2 very quick stops in the pub on Saturday.

Playing in the arcade at lunch this afternoon and recovered losses with Napolean free spins £72 on 50p) so moved to Wish upon a Leprechaun. Triggered the random bonus as colossal spin while £29 to the good and with 20 win lines another minimum 20 incoming...

I saw the jack land so lowest symbol payout but still £49 profit for lunch can't be sniffed at. But no. Ruddy electrics tripped before the win went in to my bank. Literally seconds later and it would be there. Thought I might get lucky when restarted as the result was already determined but it wasn't there after the machine was restarted 😕

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I had a similar thing in my local pub last winter. Power-cut in my neighbourhood and eta was following morning so went to pub in the evening. First time in years played the pub slot and was halfway through a bonus on the slot and of course power went off for about 20 mins.  Slot rebooted with my balance intact but no bonus or bonus funds added (I saw bonus had achieved circa £12 with at least six free spins left). I complained of course and pub took my details but when I checked few days later pub said slot company had checked audit log and there was no more to pay.

I  was surprised as always thought slots would recover correctly but maybe info needs to get written to local eprom as opposed to online where info is on a central server? Needless to say I won't ever play another pub slot, very short-sighted attitude.

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