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Urban Dandy


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Urban Dandy runs at Chepstow on Thursday in a class 6 nursery, current odds 10/1 he’s also entered in a class 6 on the 12th September and a “class2” at Newmarket on the 1st of October. Make of that what you will but surely worth anceach way investment on Thursday?

The rains have come so beware people, expect results to be a bit erratic, especially at the smaller tracks who have lesser budgets for ground staff and ground maintenance.

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23 minutes ago, BlindHaze said:

I was thinking of putting a couple of quid on it, but forgot as I was at work. Did the conditions come into play?

Who knows, some horses are known as morning glories, work like world beaters when exercising in the am.  and then don’t reproduce the form on the track. I watched the race, the horse looked extremely fit at the start but fell out the stalls and always in about 5th. I was told about this horse months ago and the amount of money placed on it today meant connections were expecting a big run. It looked like the soft ground didn’t suit. A recovery mission looks likely.

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