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Streaming to entertain


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I think the way forward for streamers has to be with two people on the team. Now that auto spins have been banned the streamer/ slot player is literally too preoccupied with one eye on the game, so knowing when to click the mouse after each spin and is distracted from the chat.

Chat is essential if a streamer wants to build a regular following and two people can take turns in reading chat or playing the slot. Also two people can bounce the banter around and their different personalities  could broaden the following.

Now that the RTP has been lowered so much there’s a hell of a lot more dead time between wins and bonuses and this time needs to be filled with content. Three or more people tend to talk over one and other and it just gets noisy. Imagine for example the likes of Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse slot streaming, it would be a riot.

Thats just an example btw, I know they’re rare talents.

To be successful a streamer NEEDS an audience and the audience needs to be and feel involved.  The only other way around it is to gather all the bonuses before going live and then play the bonuses.

Any thoughts on this?

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I’ve thought similar things since auto play was removed. The streamer needs to engage the audience, and if he’s clicking every 2.5 seconds, then he’s detached from the interaction - after all, a live stream is all about interaction. It’s easy to read the chat and realise 20 seconds later that your mouse has slipped and you’re not clicking on the spin button at all….

I’m not sure what the solution is, maybe you do need 2 people and it becomes a dual stream? Or does the clicking hand not have to be anyone of note, and just someone whose face is never seen? And maybe that brings up issues about A N Other playing on your account?

I completely agree with you @Mentholdan but I seem to bringing up more questions than solutions and I don’t know what the answer is! 

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Some people just ooze charisma, you don’t have to be a celebrity to have charisma or an aura.  It’s like when your going for a night out with a bunch of friends and you hope that so and so is going to be there because they’re great to have around. I left school 50 years ago but I still remember one particular teacher because from the moment you entered the classroom he captivated you and made the lessons enjoyable, and that class was biology believe it or not.

Its not about telling jokes or being pretty or good looking either,  or the way you dress, it’s not even about being real, probably the opposite. 
Superstars like Robert De Niro, David Bowie were/are totally boring when being interviewed, they’re hopeless without a script or a song. Other interviewees such as Peter Ustinov, Iggy Pop, Tarantino or Peter Cook just make you stop what your doing and grab your attention.
If your a slot streamer and you think the people watching just want to see the reels spinning or bonuses and big wins your not going to get anywhere.

Those people have roughly the same viewing figures every stream with the same hard core followers who’s name repeatedly pops up in the chat. Their streams are unlikely to grow.  I watched Hideous streaming from a hot tub the other evening and all I could think of was what’s the point? Just a shit load of mess to clean up when the streams over and totally pointless. It was actually cringing  to watch.


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