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What a day


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Yesterday PP gifted me £150 in free bets so I staked the lot on my selections for today. I had £20 win on the first 6 selections and £30 on the last, so I ended the day on a balance of £560 minus the stake of course, they're not that generous, anyway, all in all I had a balance of £510.

I later used some of the balance on the slots. I got a 104x bonus on a £4 on fishing frenzy. Dead or Alive paid 300x on 90p and Dead or Alive II paid 600x on 90p. I even had a few £2 spins on horus and got 43 spins with 2 retriggers but it still only paid 150x. But Al in all its been a mega day, 2k in the balance and all from a £150 gift. 😁

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