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  1. DreamVegas are a shithouse - they lost my deposit, and despite me sending screen grabs from my bank statement, they still argued i hadn't made it. Took me over a week to get a poxy £25 refund back. Used VideoSlots since then, once verified they process Paypal withdrawals IMMEDIATELY. My phone buzzed to say the withdrawal was done, literally seconds after taking the money out of the casino - and i put it straight into my bank. That's how it should be.
  2. can't see a stream yet? anyone else?
  3. I merely suggested LB was LGBT. How is that oafish?
  4. Update - after 8 days of online chat support telling me to email them, and the email support telling me to use online chat, i've astonishingly had my £25 paid back into my bank account. No apology, no notification, i noticed myself when i checked my bank account, otherwise i'd never have been informed. Have closed my account with dreamvegas and wouldn't recommend them whatsoever, their customer service is abysmal.
  5. You're kidding me? Have you ever met him? I've worked with him several times. Believe me, he's a RAVING homosexual, so please don't preach.
  6. Hopefully we'll see something soon. For my money, he's gone on a massive cocaine bender and is currently fisting Lionel Blair in the Dorchester in London 🙂
  7. Like what? He was ravaged to death by Beadles Teabag? Don't be so dramatic you melt.
  8. thought it was YT- i don't have his twitch details....
  9. My request is to live-stream the chat help from dreamvegas customer support. They're fucking hopeless. Instead of plugging them, they should be brought to book for being inept and terrible.
  10. So i replied..... "What sort of reply is that? It's taken over 5 days....At least pretend you've read the original email before sending ridiculous responses". And i get this...... Janine (Dream VEGAS) Apr 18, 19:39 UTC Hi Damian, Thank you for contacting casino support. We would like to confirm receipt of your email. Kindly be advised that deposits can take up to 24-48 hours to reflect into the casino account. Should you require any further assistance, please do not hes
  11. So i deposited £25 on Monday, it never showed in my balance, which was just 8p at the time. Waited and waited, finally got to chat to a live helper today, they said to email support at dreamvegas with copies of your bank statement proving the deposit, which i did. I finally get a reply from them, saying it can take between 24-48 hours for deposits to clear, so please be patient. It was 5 fucking days ago. Worst most useless customer service ever, so my advice is steer clear and play somewhere else., They've trousered my £25 and can't get anywhere with help. Robbing basta
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