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Big Fishing Fortune slot Betfred fobt - Bookies Slots and Roulette - Stop and Step

Big Fishing Fortune slot Betfred fobt

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After a brilliant couple of profitable months during it's "new" status in March-April, with plenty of bonuses dropping in, this slot is no longer considered "new" by Betfred and boy has it got meaner.

Massive losses in recent weeks, the bonus symbol on reel five is AWOL; I haven't seen it drop in in hundreds of teases. The bonus game on £2 spins is really difficult to trigger and now  often pays pathetic amounts (sticky big fish is  always lowest or second lowest value). After a bonus win the slot pays almost nothing in the base game for many spins.

A good example of how a slot is wound back in after hooking customers. I go into a couple of Betfred's near me and asking around some of the regulars many of us were playing it with quite a lot of success and since May have been mugged off. Sadly now off my play list as is visiting Betfred bookies. Coral's seems a much better bookie to get a fair crack of the whip.


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I haven't tried it in the bookies yet, but I've seen it on the updated arcade terminals. I was going to try it next week, so I'll see how it goes, but it sounds as though the online version is better.

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