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Which streamers care about the effect they have on others ? - General Discussion - Stop and Step

Which streamers care about the effect they have on others ?

Ian Hislop

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Gambling will take away your money.
Then your family. Your friends.
It will take away everything you own.
Just when you think it can't take anything else....
It will come back and take you.
Please remember this. Pleas

Under no illusion, some streamers are very mindful of gambling addiction, but can they do more ?
Some streamers don't seem to give a damn about others. 
Who should we be respecting and who should we be showing disrespect to ?

I'm quite sure Darren here cares about his audience because he shows big wins and big losses, with no fakery. 

QUOTE from @Chrissybabyxxx on another thread. I love and hate it. Harsh reality.


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Darren’s not a streamer, once in the bluest of blue moons does he stream. Daily slot streamers are the scummiest of scumbags, their only intention is to get you to sign up to casinos via their links and then take a percentage of everything you lose. These bloodsuckers are worse than vampires, at least they only come out at night, the streamers are at it 24/7

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Yea, I remember when he was streaming more often, although not 100% regularly. However, he does a regular friday session that is an edited recording, which could be faked BUT I am NOT saying it is, in any way. 

I am totally in agreement with you that these fake streamers are sickeningly cruel, preying on the masses to encourage them without a care in the world.

I find it even more sickening these same people will ban anyone who talks about it. Can't warn anyone. I have repeatedly seen people say "go and take it to them" type of thing, but you can't. Their forum/chat/communication system does not allow it.

I honestly hope these people learn, even if they force themselves to learn the hard way. Utter utter scum.

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Ok,  I’ll try and make it as clear as I can from “my” personal point of view.

Anyone who lives streams slot play with matched bonuses, “sticky or not” IS FAKE. Why? because you or I are not afforded these luxuries. Therefore it CANNOT be a true and HONEST representation of normal slot play. 
Why would a casino give streamers bonuses on a daily basis? It’s to advertise their casino to the people watching the stream. The only time a regular punter will get a matched bonus is on the FIRST ever deposit on sign up. They will also give you 100 free spins, but they are only 10p per spin, on rare occasions they can be as HIGH as 20p.

EVERY free gift the casino gives away is for one reason only, to get you addicted to slots and or gambling.

why do slot streamers remind you at least a dozen times during each live stream to sign up to the same casino that they are playing on via a link in their chat? Because once you have joined via that link they will get a percentage of EVERYTHING you lose EVERY TIME YOU DEPOSIT AND PLAY. Chipmonkz slots inform you during the stream that “the links are in the chat to the casinos that we are playing at, if you do sign up it helps us a lot, “ they go on to remind you to “bet responsibly” because basically the more irresponsible you are with your betting the more money they receive from your losses.

Finally, if you win regularly at ANY casino, they WILL bar you from playing there. Which means you can lose as much as you like but if your successful, your out.

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Highlight videos are insidious, as they give the impression that achieving a bonus is easier than it really is. I understand why it is done as nobody wants to watch a long boring video where nothing happens except for a tiny fraction of the video when a bonus is triggered.

Streamers sometimes at least give a more realistic view of the time wasted trying to achieve bonus. And I think many of us are at the stage of life, we should be more worried about the time we waste gambling than the money we waste gambling.

I don't have a problem watching streamers as I keep in mind that is nothing like the reality of playing fobt's or online slots for ordinary punters.





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