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TV licence to be scrapped in 2027 - Off Topic - Stop and Step

TV licence to be scrapped in 2027


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Title says it all, long overdue. Never thought it was fair to pay it if you only watched other channels. It was an unfair tax you paid the same amount regardless of income. £159 a year is a lot of money for some people and finally it's on its way out.

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Nadine Dorries is the thickest most appallingly unqualified person ever to hold any job in the history of humanity. The scraping of the license fee is not as great as many champion it to be. We'll end up with rancidly awful shite like fox news as staple.

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Believe it when i see it. I know people who dont pay it but i feel like im been bullied to pay or else. Is not fair. Ive not watched or had an arial or watched live TV for over 2 years. I pay Netflix and paid amazon prime a couple times but no why it should be mandated and feel like you been bullied into paying it. SCUM the lot at BBC.

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