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Nice cash out this morning. - General Discussion - Stop and Step

Nice cash out this morning.


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I don't usually go to bed until gone midnight and if I'm not working I can stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning watching TV. Yesterday I plastered a ceiling at work and did my own labouring, "mixing buckets, cleaning up etc. By 9pm last night I couldn't keep my eyes open so I was tucked up by 9-15. Problem was that by 3am I'm wide awake. I made a cuppa and looked for something to watch on TV but it's all shopping channels at that time. I checked my bank balance and there was an odd £24.60p so I deposited that exact amount on Betfair games. Started with Horus on 50p, then on to Big Bass at 50p and £1 I then played Cashzuma, Book of Dead, Goat, Book of Irish, and a new game Wish upon a jackpot or something, cashpot maybe??.  Anyway by 6.30 I cashed out £1k. Goat bonused 3 times but wasn't amazing but I'm guessing it could go off. The only game I didn't bonus was Cashzuma but it paid well in the base game. My biggest win was £450 on Book of Irish on £2 Big Bass paid 100X on 50p, £1 & £2. I got up to £1100 and eventually cashed out £1k. A nice unexpected amount from just £24.60p.

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Damn, that’s worth missing out on the sleep for! 

I like Cashzuma too, can be a pain trying to get the bonus but the base can pay well. Guessing that was PP so have you tried the new Amazon Rayne? It’s pretty similar but a higher RTP I think.

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