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Very strange?????

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Went in to Betfred and put my lucky 15 on and as usual put the £5 change in the machine for 10 autoplays on Horus at 50p. Got the feature and it paid £154 without even getting to the black dogs. Played 2 x £2 spins and hit the bonus again, paid £16. Stayed on £2 but no bonuses although the odd £25-£30 here and there. Cashed out £170. Lucky 15 paid for, put £50 on to my account, the odd fiver in the machine again for the 10 x 50p autos, paid 0, £100 up so I left. 

Here's the weird bit, got home, cup of tea and sit down for the £50 bash on Montezuma, the wins were adding on to my balance before the reels started spinning, eg. got a £5 win and the reels spin and then in pop the reels, did it all the time, adding to the bonus as soon as I pressed the button and before the reels even started spinning. Anyone else experienced this? 

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Yes Montezuma always does it, if you're playing try & cover your balance otherwise you will see if your spin is a winner or not. The only time it won't totup is when your in the free spin bonus.


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