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  1. Yeah I’ve just seen haha thank you! Just never seen the mega and wanted to see the potential of the different level bonuses! Thanks though man 👍 keep up the good work!
  2. Hey man loving the videos still keep it up! I do enjoy your single slot vids on all the blueprint and jackpot king games but I just really don’t see the massive potential in them! All low to medium variance when the max really is a 200x win! Your depositing £500 to play all bonuses which is normally expensive when The big money bonuses extremely rarely pay more than 200x! And tbf on all games the bonuses are pretty much identical! I much prefer your arcade videos with gambles and your bonus hunts with high variance slots! Just my opinion but keep up all the good work mate 👍
  3. Hi Darren, what are the chance of your next single slot series being completed on sweet success megaways? I know there’s only 3 bonuses but it would be nice to see. Cheers 👍
  4. No, but congrats on the win! How did your lucky 15 do? Lol
  5. No you won’t lol you needed to stick £750 on to win £1 😂😂 love to know a bookies giving evens on Belgium lol
  6. Congrats mate! Withdraw the lot! Lost so much last few months haha enjoy 👍👍
  7. Hey man huge fan been watching you years! 50k sub special. £5,000 bonus hunt.... with a 10% giveaway whatever you win back?? Gl anyway 👍 thanks
  8. Rsmith1990


    Hey Darren! Have you thought about doing a single slot series? Something like chilli? Lowe stake maybe buying a bonus on 40p but gambling it until you get 24 spins? see if you can hit a 1000x win or something? Just a suggestion! Thanks rob
  9. Hey stop n step! Gunna start doing more online slot videos now the bookies are awful? William hill doesn’t give you the green bar to gamble on roulette and I put £80 through in lad roles today without a single roulette win! My biggest win was £2.40 on 11! Absolute joke! Hate them!
  10. Video slots for me like! Best array of games and just seems to play better! Signed up to loads and £100s straight through without bonuses loads! Even when I lose of video slots I feel I’ve had a decent play!
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