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Bad day at the seaside


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Took off to Redcar on Saturday and ended up in Admirals Arcade on the Seafront ( I think it is called Playland) normally a decent place but this day was the worse arcade day I think I have ever had. I didnt stick to my "when my wedge runs our I run our rule" and my £500 wedge was gone in no time... Had parking for all day so the car wasn't something that was going to stop me... and to make the perfect storm there was a bank a few doors away.

the days loss averaged only 10p per second but I was playing for 5hrs. I think I was close to tilting on the session. I was only saved from a bigger kicking by the need to book into a hotel and get ready to take my extended family out for a meal that evening.

but on a brighter note I went to Seaton on Sunday and stuck to my usual mode of play and walked away afer a £300 loss.

Not the greatest weekend at the coast.... but that is slot play love it or loath it.

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24 minutes ago, Stepandstop said:

A £300 loss you say @Seaton-slots

a nice easy way to get that money is having £60,000 on England to beat SanMarino tonight at 1/200 😆😆😆😆

Oh I wish... A £300 loss on Sunday on top of the £1,800 on Saturday... Wish I had gone shopping with the wife instead

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