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Real Horse Racing Coming Soon


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Well towards the end of the flat season I always thing I could do with seeing some good jump horses and then towards the end of the NH season I think it would be good to see the speedsters again. Betting wise it's crap when our horse comes out of the gates last (game over) and for NH when it's struggling half way round :(

Arc is on Sunday, which in my opinion beats all the British classics. I love that it is still run on a SUNDAY.


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It’s the ground that makes the end of the flat and end of the NH seasons generally bookies benefit time.

The ground turns too soft for real flat types in the autumn added to which virtually every horse in training is out trying to earn some prize money to pay for their winter keep.

Same issue in the NH come spring either the ground and once the major festivals are done the class horses are tucked away until October again.

Oddly I find summer NH can be profitable as genuine summer jumpers thrive on the former going but the form goes out the window as the autumn comes around and the ground softens and the real winter jumpers start to come out but you get some weird results in September and October if the grounds good where fit summer horses sometimes turn quality  winter horses over.

All interesting but the months of April and September are best avoided for both codes I find.

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