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Should l ban this game??? - Big Wins - Stop and Step

Should l ban this game???


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another 60x bronze pot 😞 it moved backwards from the 1000x but l would have probably thrown my phone had it landed on a 20p stake, even on the lowest stake it's stingy with the pots!!! 😞 does anyone know anything about these "daily jackpots" on all games do you get an equal chance of winning them, whether you play a 20p stake or £200??? asking for a friend thanks.



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It's really difficult to know. My gut feeling is the higher the stakes the more bonus stinkers I get. I often think the "randomness" of slots must have an emotional slant factored in. i.e. one big loss for a high roller pays for a lot of small wins for normal stakes players to be hooked in.

I do know that when I have a very poor session, increasing the stakes usually rinses me of cash even faster. I am very rarely able to recover the situation.  Whereas in a bricks and mortar casino things often turnaround. 


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l play £1 spins and my highest pot win is 100x 4 times, out of probably 100 pot bonuses. What l hate is that it "always lands" on the smaller value by either moving forward or backwards, so when you think it's about to stop on 1000x it moves backwards!!! 😞

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