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Rainbow riches megaways


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Hi Darren. Nice one on the risky Cops and Robbers betting today! Have you had much luck on the Rainbow Riches megaways slot at all? I play it here and there but always seems so quiet 

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I've got the arcade one in today's video. I managed to get it to 27 free spins which is the maximum, twice and it was not very good.. I don't want to give any spoilers, but I probably won't be playing it again.

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11 hours ago, An9rew said:

You gave it a good crack, cheers. 

Did you ever see any of them Hot Till you Drop slots out and about? 

I never liked it, but I think they are still on newer the Blueprint terminals.

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Saw your upload today. Some of the comments!!! 

We've got a FOBT in our working man's club up here in beverley. It's got rainbow riches, CASHINO, slam dunk, scratch my ass etc. It gets some hammer does that machine. I bet that's where you'll find some of the older games in places like that 

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