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  1. Saw your upload today. Some of the comments!!! We've got a FOBT in our working man's club up here in beverley. It's got rainbow riches, CASHINO, slam dunk, scratch my ass etc. It gets some hammer does that machine. I bet that's where you'll find some of the older games in places like that
  2. You gave it a good crack, cheers. Did you ever see any of them Hot Till you Drop slots out and about?
  3. Understood. It's so difficult to get anywhere online with it
  4. Hi Darren. Nice one on the risky Cops and Robbers betting today! Have you had much luck on the Rainbow Riches megaways slot at all? I play it here and there but always seems so quiet
  5. What the Fox or something like that. Looks decent, megaways game. Hard to bonus, maybe good potential. I've been playing it on low stakes. This and a few of the new crop of megaways games could be worth a bonus compilation or hunt?
  6. Hot till you drop is the right name! Them till bandits. I've seen Darren on one of them but not the one on the Betfred fobts. Look fun but proper munchers
  7. You know that Hot Stop Till Drop bandit on the fobts? Are there enough types of that game online for a bonus hunt? That beggar is a bugger on the fobts
  8. That new Vegas bandit in Betfred fobts seems OK. Plays better on two pound stake but not bad on 50p
  9. Any Ready to Rocks near you? I heard that there's this amusements in Essex that has loads of pristine classic bandits for old gamblers? You know or have heard of it?
  10. Hi everyone, Andy here. Followed the YouTube for ages but not had much to do with the forum. Love going to amusements at the coast and making them classic 5 & 10p bandits dance! All the best everyone
  11. Yeah them mugs look banging, I'd love to see the people at work wonder what it's all about!
  12. Kid I know reckons he wins a bit from betting on win, most 180's and highest outshot. Singles and accas. I struggle, does anyone have a decent darts strategy?
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