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Kings honour - Bookies Slots and Roulette - Stop and Step

Kings honour

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I swear this slot is printing money at the moment, I went in on Monday put £100 in on £2 play, it has been playing really well, I managed to gamble 15 free spins to 100 spins twice within about 20 spins of each other, I cashed out with just over 1k, went back in today on the same terminal and did it again. Unbelievable luck on there at the minute (obviously it will end) playing this game the middle gamble wins quite a lot of the time then 15 to 100 spins is probably your best gamble aswell. 

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Definitely not one to gamble on 10/11/12 @ 4/1. Watching Stop and Step going for that it must have lost every time he bets on it for the last 12 months...

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