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Swarm Result (drum roll)

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As soon as Eastenders finished the starting pistol went off... Laptop out and logged on to Dream Vegas set punt at £2 a spin and off we went...

Bees were few and far between and money was draining away... the room was starting to fill with tension as the fantasy quick hit was becomming just that.... A fantasy.

I then for some unknown reason pressed the section that shows the progress to filling the hive and read the blurb.

My eyes popped out of my head and my face reddened as I reailised that we had to FILL the 5th section before the bees swarmed. I assumed they swarmed during filling the last section... Just my luck the wife read it also... An icy chill decended in the room and a stare that could kill a man at 50 paces was directed at me... I had screwed up.

Anyway resetting the stake to 20p we carried on filling the 5th part of the wheel of honey.

It didnt take too long in fact it seemed to play better at 20p but we have substained a bit of damage from the £2 plays we made earlier.

Finally got the wheel filled at about 9.30 then back to £2 for the grand final.

Coco was at the ready as it could turn into a long night... Off we went.

It took about 10 minutes and no more than 10 bees to trigger the swarm.

Excitiment filled the room as they all came out of the hive ready to attack... we took 4 direct hits then the spins started and by the time it finished we were quite........................................................................................................ satisfied with the result although it seems a lot of work and risk for what was a small return. 

We didn't lose which is always a bonus... mainly due to how quickly it swarmed (see Metholdan... being quick is sometimes a good thing 😊) it was an experience to build the hive and see the result but not one I will flock to do again in the near future.

Anyway the grand total is..




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anyway a profit is a profit congrats on the win 👍👍

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