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Get help if needed


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So I have had a gambling problem for many years. My main problem was to chase my losses which is not something you should ever do. Then comes a big win for me it was £1000 on a 40p stake so what do I do after that. Rational thinking doesn't work for a gambler so my response to a big win for me was to think I could get another one and lose the lot. I set myself a limit but never stick to it and I would hate to imagine how much I have lost over the years. 6 weeks ago I lost over £2000 that I had borrowed and could no way afford to lose it. It was that moment something inside me just clicked and I said never again. I looked up gamble help websites and actually banned myself from all gaming websites for 10 years and that also stops me opening any gaming account too. My life has been so much less stressful since doing this as I know i cannot lose any money on these websites again. I was also depressed due to my life circumstances and found I was gambling to get a buzz and to take my mind off real life.

I now watch videos on you tube of people like stop and step gambling and actually feel for them when they lose as if it was my own money.

I have never shared this with anyone before and sorry it's so long but the purpose of the post is that if you think you may have a problem then please sign up to a site where you can ban yourself from all online casinos. The problem with these sites are I found I never saw the money in there as real until I saw my bank account empty. If this helps just one other person then it was worth sharing. 

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Welcome to the forum bodger

i like you used to love online gambling couldn’t beat the buzz of getting a bonus my biggest win was £707 off 9p on dead or alive 2

eventually I gave it all back to them 

it got that bad I joined GAMSTOP 6 months ago and haven’t looked back since 

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Well said Bodger welcome mate! Sorry to hear about your issues but I’m glad you have realised the pain mate. I myself have a gambling problem and have been self excluded online nearly 4 years now. I can’t say I’m fully recovered as if I had the money and a way of playing I would so need to realise it will go some day. Hope u keep well pal

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Just stop for a year or two, only take to the bookies or casino or arcades what you can honestly afford to lose, learn self control 

don’t chase loses 

then you can enjoy gambling 

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