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Ladbrokes today - Bookies Slots and Roulette - Stop and Step

Ladbrokes today

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In Mansfield (Mansfieldski) today, Tier 3, first day out in ages, many shops are shut including the Cashino arcade but, weirdly, the bookies are open.

In a moment of sheer desperation, not gambled for at least 3 months, I went into Ladrokes.  Supposed to sign in but didn't.  No chairs or sitting at all.  Two FOBTs working, two shut down.  1 person in.  All the odds monitors screens are showing but they are not allowed to broadcast live races or football, so it's radio commentary only.  That's just weird.  Felt like a bookies in the 1970s, very bleak.

Stood up at a machine, £100 in, mask on, lost £60 on Black Knight £2 premium spins.  Onto Super Star Turns, premium play, first £2 premium spin and the three purple money bags came in, then the double height Starspins came in on the first of the five premium spins.  Santa must be in town. Ended up on the red wheel, got 25 spins, and after lots of bonus spins got £235 from the spins, pretty good.  Saved some, gambled back onto the wheel, got 10 spins, ended up in total with something like £252.  Halfway through the spins the attendant walked up to me and told me I had 2 more minutes, thanks for that.....At this point I had £290 so I cashed out, £190 up.  If it had been normal with no time limit then I would have probably spunked it all back in trying to get above £300 so thank you Ladbrokes, that will do for me, I won't be going in again until all this is over.......or perhaps I will.....well, not until after Christmas....although there are 2 weeks to Christmas, so maybe just once as a treat before Christmas, or perhaps twice, or maybe three times.....well, there's always the New Year's Resolution....maybe not...

Have a good Christmas,





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