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  1. “When the funds stop, stop” or my absolute favourite “You’re born with nothing so if you die in debt you’ve made a profit”
  2. Mr Stop sir, Given that the bookies are now back in action will you be live streaming on Sunday and posting highlights on Monday, or are we back to the Tuesday-Friday postings as per pre-Covid? And are you open again for selling pasties?
  3. Or you can post the money through the letterbox ha ha.
  4. I've just wandered around my local town centre, Mansfield, 3.30 pm on Friday, looking like the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, more shops boarded up than open. No sign of life in Wm Hills or Befred, lights on in Ladrokes and clearly some plastic partitions between the fobts. Wandered past Cashino, two blokes in black suits and clipboards almost certainly from the Council chatting through the open door to the manager. I shouted 'ayup, are you opening on Monday, mi'duck' to which the reply from the stern suited men was 'we don't know youth, we're sorting it out'. Not much help. Bizarrely, even though footfall must be down about 90% and car parks are virtually empty, there was a traffic warden on patrol. We shall have to wait and see...
  5. Looking forward to that squeaky door, the sexy soft burr of a Devon bookies assistant, someone vacuuming and listening for my bingo numbers in the background. I need to get out more.
  6. Actually I'm bringing out the shampoo for bald women first, just to see how it goes........
  7. I've developed a range of shampoo for bald men, still working on the conditioner, and fish paint to turn boring goldfish into something more exciting.
  8. I would imagine that every other machine would be turned off to maintain 2m distance and that there will generally be a bunfight to get to any empty seat in desperation. Any news on casinos reopening, I've checked Rainbow, Grosvenor and Les Croupiers websites but nothing. Last to open along with pubs and cinemas I expect, mid-July?
  9. Hypalinx and 7 Neighbours, and for Las Vegas the very excellent Matt Bridger. No-one else....
  10. Hmmmm, this is going to be a tough one but inevitably an easy one. After 50 year's gambling, mostly slots, some blackjack card counting, I too have had an 8/9 week break since I don't gamble online. I think the longest I've ever managed pre-Covid was about 4 months, 15 years ago. I've never had so much dust or money in my wallet. My grass has never been greener or shorter. I even cleaned the inside of the double glazing yesterday. Bookies, amusements and casinos are always my downfall, although I did win $1720 on blackjack card counting in Vegas but that's another story. I'm reasonably certain that I'm not cured, just rested, and the lure of post-lockdown party feeling walking into town with a wallet full of old cash and no losses for the last few months will be too much. Nice thought though. And I've got a 5 day business trip to Cardiff planned in late summer, where my favourite casino is located, d'oh. So I'm almost certainly not cured and never will be, just currently pleasantly relaxed since I've not been experiencing those roller coaster occasional highs of winning and the much longer troughs and desperation of losing. Good luck to everyone else who may be cured though and I hope you manage to keep it up.
  11. I had a mystery text yesterday, get them now and again, recommending Be Proud in the 4.30 at Newc., something about the stable saying it was in top form, usual horseshite, free information!. Was 6/1 at the time, looks like it's down to 3/1 at the moment. I don't gamble on line so I won't be punting.
  12. The suspect was wearing a T-Rex face mask....well that certainly narrows it down....
  13. That's the one, or very close! 5p play, I'm pretty sure it was £1 maximum win on melons, 80p on grapes (not £2 for melons shown in the photo, later modification maybe), middle reel only one pear, three down after the bell (or three up). Only one melon and one grape on the first reel, grapes 11 up from the melon. Would be around 1980/81. Three bells 40p, three pears 50p. Shortly after the maximum win was increased to £2 so the gamble on the left went up to £1.60, scary stuff, although I think it became pesky tokens for anything over £1. Correct me if I'm wrong....not seen one for years...I seem to recall the next version was you could nudge in both directions, up and down not one or the other, whoaa...
  14. Pete Tranter's Sister, after a rather sexy young lady in Red Dwarf. If I was to pick a gambling name it would be 'Grapes on the 1st reel is 9 down after the Melon', circa 1981.
  15. Mr Stop sir, I missed Sunday's live stream posting since I was at a karaoke party......pesky police.... Will you be posting all of the stream? Not just the highlights? Not that I'm bored or anything but sitting for a few hours watching your posts is the highlight of my day. I really should get out more but....
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