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  1. Bilston or the 24-hour Cashino in Mansfield town centre, 3am on a Tuesday morning.
  2. That's actually a 93% return, so you're in profit by about 1-3%. Hmm, maybe that's not the right viewpoint. Just kidding, having been gambling since pre-decimalisation I sympathise and empathise with your honesty and information, as I'm sure every contributor to this forum does, I have been in some pretty dark places over the course of the last 40-50 years. I have certainly cut down since the FOBT changes, those £20 fortune spins on Spartacus and Mighty Black Knight would have finished me off by now. One day at a time, with the odd slip up.......
  3. A live stream from Bilston High Street Cashino or even better a live stream at 3am from the Mansfield 24hr Cashino. That would test your fan loyalty ha! But seriously, I enjoy most the Casino streams, or chase a huge gold pot on Rainbow Riches Bingo, not seem that for a while.
  4. Given that most machines we play are random, I wonder if anyone has won £500 on the same game/machine/cabinet twice within a few spins. Must statistically be possible but I don't ever recall it in my years of play. I wouldn't include mad Trono pie gambles so say from a bonus then a full screen, or two bonuses (bonii?). Don't recalls seeing Mr Stop do it either.
  5. Would be interesting to see how many Scotbet shops existed before Blair the Warmonger relaxed the gambling laws, around 2004 I seem to remember. I'm guessing they grew and only managed to exist due to FOBTs. Wm Hill opened a second shop in my home town, Mansfield, about 18 months ago knowing full well that the FOBT laws would be changing and, of course, it's closing. So that's 5 bookies in Mansfield town centre being reduced to 3 following the Betfred closure. I'm bereft and may have to go for counselling, ha not. Perhaps the utterly useless Gamcare could open a section for bookies employees being made redundant. Not nice I'm sure but I don't think Blair is losing any sleep.
  6. I've travelled to Bilston in the Black Country, Noddy Holder's stomping ground, to see the mighty Flock of Seagulls live at the Bird2 tonight. Yes, I'm that old. Poorest high street I have ever seen, lovely people and all that, everyone smiling, but so poor that even the Home Bargains shop has closed. I was the only one wearing leather shoes and with buttons on my shirt. The poshest building by far is the Job Centre, no kidding. However, there are 4 bookies on the high street and 2 arcades. Roll on some closing with the FOBT changes, not nice to see. Popped in to Laddies, won £100 on a cominbation of Eye of Horus and Rainbow Riches Freespins and left. I felt like the richest man there. I'm punting for Mr Stop to visit Bilston as his next mystery city. Just a thought......
  7. Was in Leeds the other night, at Napoleons the percentage on Book of Ra, £2 spin, was 92.15%. No linked bonuses to push it up. Across the road at Grosvenor the same, £2 spin, was 94%. I think there were linked bonuses as well, so that's 94.01% then. I lost a fortune, just at a slightly slower rate at Grosvenor.....
  8. Found this interesting article a few days ago: https://www.wired.com/2017/02/russians-engineer-brilliant-slot-machine-cheat-casinos-no-fix/ It's either the best piece of fake news ever concocted or may actually be true. It's all about when you press that pesky button.....
  9. Hmmm, I was in Rainbow Casino at Cardiff a few months ago, playing Book of Ra at £2 spin. I noticed that the RTP was 92.15% plus the addition of the community random pots thing but I certainly recall seeing much higher percentages of up to 94% a few years ago. Apparently the Govt is making up for the loss in revenue from FOBTS by increasing the tax to casinos and since the casinos cannot fix the RTP of roulette and basic card games (without the side bets) of blackjack etc. then we can expect to see the RTP of the slots being reduced to compensate. Swings and roundabouts, we lose less in bookies then win less (or more likely lose more) in casinos.
  10. I seem to recall that Buddy Love posted something on this on Youtube a while ago. Might still be there. His mate worked in an arcade. After hours he keyed a machine and forced the jackpot on every spin, £100, and went for the repeat. I think it was the disco one, three reels, same genre as Martians etc. No real play of course. I recall that he hit the repeat (left or right) successfully once out of about 9 or 10 times. Since no money was pumped into the machine I'm guessing that the repeat is simply a random thing based on when you press the button/screen, with maybe a 10% chance or less of a repeat, and is not predetermined.
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