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DOA II Grind


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I was watching a, stream on twitch tonight, a guy grinding DOA II for 45p per spin. Each bonus was played on the most volatile feature. 

1st bonus took 541 spins, 2 wilds, paid €8.

2nd bonus 12 spins, 4 wilds, €12

3rd bonus 249 spins, 2 wilds €10.60

4th bonus 6 spins, 3 wilds €7. 36

5th bonus36 spins 0 wilds €8.80

6th bonus 69 spins 4 wilds € 190.80

913 spins, 6 bonuses = 1 bonus every152 spins. 

In all 6 bonuses there were a total of 13 wilds, = 1 wild every 5.5 spins of a bonus. 

Total outlay €410.85.


I didn't count the returns in the base game, "I'm not quick enough" but he didn't hit 1 line of 5 in any of the 913 spins. But all in all he had a bash and it didn't cost him a fortune. 

On the last bonus he had 3 chances to hit a wild line. 

It was interesting to study and work out the numbers but boy was he a boring bastard, hardly said a word, just sitting in his chair trying to look mean and moody, so basically just looking like a dick. 


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Ironically, the first time my neice Hayley played the game, she loaded £10 onto her phone app and played 11 spins at 90p, she hit 5 scatters on about the 5th spin and won over 2K, go figure. 

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BTW the guy had the game on turbo mode and I timed it, "I know, anorak" anyhow, its set at 42 spins per minute, 2520 spins an hour at 45 cents per spin, total outlay in 1 hour €1134.

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