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Streamers, streams and YouTube.


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Firstly we have Streamers, mostly on Twitch, then we have the streamers who then upload their streams onto YouTube and then we have the YouTube videos which are people playing on line, slots and Fobts. 

The people who only upload their content onto YouTube are for the most part invisible, obviously wishing to remain anonymous. 

The live streamers are the ones I have any problem with. We are only human and even the Kindest, nicest and friendliest of us take an instant dislike to someone every now and then, even when it's unwarranted. Watching a streamer is like watching a movie, as in I might think its great and the next person thinks it's a turkey. 

I honestly believe 99.9% of streamers are rubbish, I've watched and studied hundreds of them over the past six weeks, even the foreign speaking ones. I liken them to the X Factor auditions, they either think they're great and when faced with the truth from the judges they turn nasty, "streamers blocking any negative comment" or, they know they are crap but couldn't care less, they just want to get on TV, whatever it takes. 

I never liked the Bandit at first but now I think he's one of the best, I like his sense of humour and he is easy on the ear. My only complaint would be the bad language but it's not filth, it's just profanity. I really enjoy Chipmonkz, he's my number one at the moment. I like him because he's so bad, he gets the hump when he loses and hates being beaten by his mate Jordan in the slot battles, his face is a picture. All this makes entertaining streams and videos and I hope they don't change anything, it's compulsive viewing. 

Jimbo slots is another face you never see and his voice really irritates me, I just can't watch his videos anymore. He blocked me when I contacted him about his machine gun swearing. 

Nick slots is boring, just sits in his chair and you get the feeling he doesn't care about his viewers and I don't need him to tell me when he's going off to take a leak or grab a sandwich. He told one of his viewers to chill out and "go and have a wank" a couple of days ago, just because he didn't like a negative comment. 

StopandStep, well what can I say without being biased, 😁 he's always calm win or lose, rarely swears and I like his demeanour. He seems like someone you could sit down with and have good natter. 

I'd like to see other people's favourites and reasons why. 

BTW I'm pretty sure that the above mentioned all lurk here under pseudonyms just to read about what people think, I probably would. 😎😎

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Chipmonkz def my favourite works well with Jordan.i love the bandit but 80% of his sessions he gets a decent cash out whereas chip is lucky to break even 2 streams a month.could be down to luck.fruity slots are ok but love themselves a bit.rarely watch nick hes boring.

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