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I’ve never really touched online gaming. I get easily bored, and if I could play fruit machines on my laptop then I’d be skint pretty quickly!

I did have an online poker account a few years back, fancied trying my luck there. I deposited a mighty £20 and was playing 1p/2p blinds. I played it on and off for about 3 weeks and did pretty well, I got it to £50. Then one evening I came home after work, decided to give it a go and saw my balance was now £15! I asked the missus and she said ‘yeah, I found your poker shortcut on the desktop and thought I’d play.’

’did you realise it was real money?’

’yeah, but I only wanted to see how I’d get on...’

The worst thing is she blew it all on massive stakes. She was playing 5p/10p blinds. Crazy woman.... 😉 I guess that’d teach me to click ‘save my password’ on my PC.

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