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Taking a Break - Bookies Slots and Roulette - Stop and Step

Taking a Break

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Got my fingers burned yesterday.

did £500 in between slots and roulette in Bet Fred 😔...

bizarrely I was down to £3 and got it from that to £1,057 and then slowly did the lot which is just plain stupid, it’s also four, yes, four hours of my life I’ll never get back!

An event like that is my cue to do a snagglepuss and “exit stage right” for a period as I’m obviously playing too much.

Mist likely take a break from gaming machines for at least a month from now.

Still have a bet on the golf, horses, football mind 😀

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That break lasted all of about 3 hours 🤣🤣...

went in to put my bets on for the open with a £100 in my pocket, put £60 on the golf and thought ah fcuk it and put the £40 into RR DofG.... the result of which (from first 5 spins on mega play) is below.... 

Oh well, recovered £400 of the £500 lost yesterday and got my £60 on for the golf 😀.


got the lass behind the counter to pop the £500 onto my debit card rather than real cash so as not to blow it....

Its a stupid game at times but I’ll defo be taking that break now.



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