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  1. Well it's tomorrow now so who won ???
  2. You should put a description rather than assuming people will just open the link see I've not opened the link so a possible view lost
  3. To be honest I wouldn't trust a politician with a dead dog And let's tell Brussels f#ck off stick your deal and just leave on Halloween
  4. I admitted I'm wrong please don't patronise me I admitted I was wrong so please don't patronise me I'm not a idiot ok
  5. Mentholdan Your wrong about the stake being halved it's the odd so a 2/5 shot now becomes 1/5 you should of paid out 600 not 350 as you claim You can never lose on a win bet that dead heats no matter the odds Only a rule 4 or a each way bet that is placed you would lose some money on
  6. Does anyone know when the winner will be announced and when it will be on you tube
  7. I thought there policy was once you leave the window mistakes can't be rectified ????
  8. I said it on here a few weeks ago I bet you see account closed or restricted for winning but nothing for losing
  9. Congratulations Wish you all the best
  10. Double or bankrupt Casino play £1000 bank roll Play £100 per game starting at £1 stake if you get a bonus and haven't doubled to £200 you have to increase the stake to £2 and so on So basically put £100 in play game til you either get to £200 or go bankrupt on that game
  11. Feeling a bit fruity with the misses this morning She puts on all the sexy lingerie and says before we start can you be like Liverpool on top for along time and cum second
  12. fatcabs

    Gabriel Slots

    His voice gets on my nerves
  13. Well reading that and in playing experience when a machine is cold it's cold no matter what games I've played I would assume the RNG controls all games and maybe just maybe the rtp% could be a load of crap how would anyone be able to check
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