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Fake money streamers


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The reason I don't like watching streamers who play with fake money is because to me it's totally pointless, doesn't give a true reflection of how the slot plays and pays but most of all, we can all have balls the size of space hoppers when we're playing with fake money but when your playing with your own "hard earned" it's a different story. 

I learned to play poker "badly" by playing free tournaments, I soon learned how different my mentality was when I was playing for real cash. 

 I've asked this question before but no one has answered, maybe this time someone can enlighten me, what do they get out of it? There must be something in it for them or why would they bet with fake money pretending it's real? 

On the subject of streamers, Chipmonkz is still my favourite to watch, he is everything  a streamer SHOULDNT  be, very amateurish, he's a very bad loser but his face soon lights up when he has a nice win, he's got an encyclopedia full of the most absurd sayings and phrases and he tries to come across as though he's very sincere. In short, he's so bad it's compulsive viewing and I find myself cheering when he has a big win and feeling bad for him when he loses. 

He's got a "sidekick" called Jordan, who really should be streaming on his own as he's far more at ease in front of the camera than his boss. 

I'd give ten out of ten to BC Slots for professionalism and one out of ten to Chipmonkz, but I'd rather watch Chipmonkz any day of the week. In fact I get disappointed when I look on YouTube and he's not uploaded any new streams. 

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Why? Because they get off on thinking they are in some way famous because ppl watch their uploads on YouTube. Sad really...

I agree, I even see folk playing machines in shops on “demo mode” and just think “what’s the point?”...... A guy leaned over when I was in Coral the other week and said “I got 70 free spins there and not one single win!” I tried to be polite but the thing was in demo mode FFS, who gives a flying....

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